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  1. Game Week 1: 1. @sababalat | 12 points 2. @Juan24|12 points 3. @yololife222| 11 points 4. @yuvikaa|10 points 5. @ozcelik06|10 points 6. @wowa24|10 points 7. @dhkxy|9 points 8. @Galahad28|9 points 9. @crileboy|9 points 10. @giorgim6666|9 points
  2. ⚽ Guess the Score ⚽ Hello, guys! Last Premier League weekend was full of goals and great matches. Good start for Liverpool, Arsenal, Leicester, Everton, and Crystal Palace. Manchester United has started badly as usual and if they don't change the game plan, they will have to change Solskjaer. The last match of this weekend will be a real treat, Liverpool vs Arsenal. Let's hope this weekend will be as good as the last one🔥 If you guess the correct score you will get 3 points for that game but if you just guess correct outcome (home/away win or draw) you will get 1 point for t
  3. Tiebreaker missing. Tiebreaker missing. Tiebreaker missing.
  4. ⚽ Hello, guys! ⚽ Here we will make our own Stake Premier League Table, based on your points from weekly challenge "Premier League Predictions". Your job is just to guess the score, and post it in the challenge "Premier League Predictions" and we will add your points here. First 10 people with the most points will be added to the Table each week. Points from the game week #1 are already added. PRIZE POOL: 1st place - 200$ 2nd place - 150$ 3rd place - 100$ 4th place - 75$ 5th place - 50$ 6-10th place - 25$ Stake Pr
  5. Everton 3:0 WBA Leeds 2:1 Fulham Man Utd 3:0 Crystal Palace Arsenal 4:0 West Ham Southampton 0:0 Tottenham Newcastle 2:2 Brighton Chelsea 1:2 Liverpool Leicester 2:0 Burnley Tiebreaker: 35min
  6. Hello football fans Here are the winners of the first round: 1. sababalat 12 points| 0.25 LTC 1. Juan24 12 points | 0.25 LTC 3. yololife222 11 points | 0.1 LTC 4. yuvikaa 10 points | 0.05 LTC 5. ozcelik06 10 points | 0.05 LTC 6. wowa24 10 points | 0.05 LTC 7. dhkxy 9 points | 0.05 LTC 8. Galahad28 9 points | 0.05 LTC 9. crileboy 9 points | 0.05 LTC 10. giorgim6666 9 points | 0.05 LTC Thank you everyone for participating, and congratulations to the winners
  7. Fulham - Arsenal 1:2 C. Palace - Southampton 0:1 Liverpool - Leeds 3:0 West Ham - Newcastle 0:1 WBA - Leicester 1:2 Tottenham - Everton 2:1 Sheffield Utd - Wolves 1:1 Brighton - Chelsea 0:3 Tiebreaker: 23min
  8. You have to guess the correct score. Check other posts. You have to guess the correct score! Check other posts.
  9. Write the exact minute of the first goal, like everyone else. So there will be no misunderstanding. Thank you New tiebreaker! New tiebreaker! New tiebreaker!
  10. ⚽ Guess The Score ⚽ Hello, everyone! As you already know, the Discord channel has been shut down, but we wanted to continue our work, and we will do it here, on the Forum. The best football league is back and so are we! For this weeks challenge, we would like you to guess the right outcome of every match in the 1st round of Premier League! If you guess the correct score you will get 3 points for that game but if you just guess correct outcome (home/away win or draw) you will get 1 point for that match. For example if you predict "home team" 3 - 2 "away
  11. Serbia Hey Escanore I have mentioned in the previous comment, that I don't have 50k $ at the moment, but I have a couple of sources of income, which will make me that money (I hope so) in a couple of years. Your proposal sounds interesting for sure, but at the moment it's not possible. Maybe in the near future, who knows. Thank you anyway
  12. That's great Kippo I wish you nothing but success in the future 💰
  13. Hey Kippo You're right about this whole situation with the world, we have to be careful and try to anticipate the future. I mentioned earlier in one of the comments, that I already bought an online course for selling on Amazon. Since this COVID 19 situation has started, Amazon stocks went up by 100%. I planned to start before all of this, but I didn't know where is this going and when it will stop, so I didn't start at all. Now I'm ready, and I hope to succeed!
  14. Stake name: Stefan Team name: dvaipoprijatelja
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