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  1. Stefan

    ⏰Time Machine⏰

    Meet me in Berlin 1939, I'll be waiting for you Bring your weapon ⚔⚔
  2. Stefan

    ⏰Time Machine⏰

    That's why I said I would bring the rifle from the future with me
  3. Stefan

    ⏰Time Machine⏰

    I would bring a sniper rifle with me and kill him from 2km away lol
  4. Stefan

    ⏰Time Machine⏰

    I'm sure a lot of us thought at some point of our lives how cool it would be to have a time machine. Now you have a chance to think about what would you change with the world or within your life if you can go back through time. Free your imagination 🚀🚀🚀 3 most creative time travelers will be rewarded every day 💎 I will start: If I have a time machine, I would go back in Trojan war and tell the Trojans that Greeks are inside the horse Day 1: FotisNt, skywallkee, maxpayne25
  5. Hello Ronny Welcome to Stake Forum! As you can see, here we have a lot of topics of any kind, so I'm sure You can find something interesting for you If you have any problems or questions of any kind, feel free to contact me Good luck and have fun
  6. Hello there! Welcome to Stake I'm new as well, and I have a great time here. Hope you will have too If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Good luck and have fun
  7. Sport bet ticket only, not casino games!
  8. Hello Sport Bettors! Welcome to our race Rules are the same as the last time, we are looking for the highest winning odds (not payout win.) Single and multi bets are eligible. We are looking for 3 winners as well. 1st place- 0.1LTC 🥇 2nd place- 0.05LTC 🥈 3rd place- 0.01LTC 🥉 The Race starts today and ends on Thursday! . Bets must have been made after the beginning of this race. Bring it on Good luck everyone! 💰💰💰 Good race everyone! 1st place- Slasher041 0.1LTC 🥇 2nd place- Crileboy 0.05LTC 🥈 3rd place- dhkxy 0.01LTC 🥉 Congratulation winners 🏆🏆🏆
  9. Hahahaha, that's funny But You should translate the previous post, and write something on your language!
  10. Serbian You should now write something nice on your language.
  11. Hello guys! I have one game for you, from which we can learn something As we all know, here we have a lot of different languages. I want you to write something nice on your language (do not reveal which language is that) , and the next person needs to find out which language is that and to translate on English. Let's see how many different languages we have here I will start Pozdrav, zelim vam puno srece, ljubavi i zdravlja u buducnosti
  12. Every time you make bad things go away, your head becomes bigger I wish I could travel through time!