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  1. This will be our D-20 + 100......... god im so f-ning bored with this isolated bs staying inside crap
  2. Been hearing .. couple info n this.. so just kinda confused.. I heard the multi-insurance was supposed to be payout on the 24th or 25th ... so i heard yes from support.. but but then i saw this........ Isnt the end of game week next monday??????
  3. Is this bot even working ?? i downloaded the recent.. one i think .. but when ever i log in it wont select the currency. nm... fix it.. just had to redownload this crap 3-4 times into another folder.....
  4. or to point.... maybe add levels of difficulties ?? high/medium/low
  5. I may not know sports.. but i know how to look up stuff and figure out wtf is going on 😃 .. trial and error and having a feel whats happening 😃 just glad im not a fanboy on a specific sport teams.. lol .. man only if i had another coin in this bid..
  6. assumption is the mother of all f- ups - " be wary of post fillers" 😃
  7. dunno if this is consider as a meme ..
  8. Sing I am little tea pot.. ..god i hope Irena don't think differently of me.... (you can imagine how fning bored i am this friday.....)
  9. gambling style - shoving shards of broken glass up your @22 while bathing in tub of Tabasco sauce - rolling all in 9990x