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  1. Pacman

    [Lending] nsrao12 Financial Services (LOANS)

    paid mate u can do feeback. tyvm
  2. Pacman

    [Seeking] 50k Loan

    paid @Dan you can close this
  3. Pacman

    [Seeking] 50k Loan

    I need a loan : Amount : 0.0005 Payback : 10% a day 24hrs qwerty15255 is my stake name
  4. Pacman

    [Lending] nsrao12 Financial Services (LOANS)

    Username: qwerty15255 Amount: 50k Paydack date: 24hrs 10% interest
  5. Pacman

    [Seeking] 80K Loan

    Received. Ill update you tommorow.
  6. Pacman

    meckabit scam or legit?

    Okay buddy. i will try it but i already bust the freecoins hahaha
  7. Pacman

    meckabit scam or legit?

    same mate but let see hahahaha.
  8. Pacman

    meckabit scam or legit?

    yeah. goodluck im hoping for the best in that site
  9. Pacman

    [Seeking] 80K Loan

    Amount : 0.0008 Payback 10% interest a day Max 1-5 days. qwerty15255 is my stake name
  10. Pacman

    Mirela gonna stream !!! Or not??

    mirela is still on party rn sorry guys hahaa lets just wait
  11. Pacman

    [Free] Homefront Game

    ill buy this if i hit big i like this game tho i saw the gameplay
  12. Pacman


    everyone loves mines than charbet i agree with that.
  13. Pacman

    meckabit scam or legit?

    yeah lets hope for the best mate.
  14. Pacman

    Bitcoin is officially $15.000!

    im hoping btc will go down soon hard to deposit rn damn.