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  1. Soyeb Akter

    Favorite Gambling Quote

    My favorite quote is "Human beings quit when they lose and not when they win" so play smart and try to be in human in terms of greed and not let greed control you and bet what you can afford to lose and if you win more than you expect , be content with it and don't bet larger because at the end of the day you will lose if you don't control or stop. Good luck
  2. Soyeb Akter

    So faucet now uses our cpu's to mine coin?

    Yes, on phone it's super laggy, I suggest you to do it on desktop/laptop, it's pretty fast, and I guess they using our power
  3. Soyeb Akter

    chat rooms

    Maybe because every Indian chatroom ever created on any site is soon infiltrated by porn links by us Indians only
  4. Soyeb Akter

    Plinko: Can you actually profit from it?

    Many people win it, I personally never hit above 9x (100 Satoshi) and 4x (2000 satoshi/) idk how some people hit 1000x maybe their luck is superb, I have hit 17x on keno, 15x on mines, 50x in Hilo as well and 50x on dice but I have never hit good in Plinko, it always gives me either negative profit or too less profit but yeah since there are other games, I don't play plinko much maybe in future with strategies I will hit, will wait for the day
  5. Soyeb Akter

    Best Ethereum wallets ? And exchange service?

    Yeah, the wallet is simple and portable
  6. Soyeb Akter

    Best Ethereum wallets ? And exchange service?

    What about coinbase? They also offer ethereum wallet What's meaning of token? I often hear this term when referred to ethereum. There isn't any token involved in btc right? What's the token in ethereum?
  7. Soyeb Akter

    chat rooms

    I think there should be an Indian chatroom in Hindi language, lots of Indian players out there would be good if implemented
  8. Soyeb Akter

    Best Ethereum wallets ? And exchange service?

    I have block chain wallet. They take 33 percent ? That means if I deposit 1 eth they will take away 0.33 !??
  9. Soyeb Akter

    Best Ethereum wallets ? And exchange service?

    I will check it out , thanks Will check metamask too, I am optimistic about ethereum
  10. What ethereum wallets you use or what wallets are best ? What exchange platform or buying platform is best and can be used to buy/sell/trade/exchange ethereum?
  11. Soyeb Akter

    Which games are you most obsessed with?

    Yeah luck is biggest factor . You can bust on 1 bomb 24 diamonds or you can win on 24 bombs 1 diamond all is luck
  12. Soyeb Akter

    Which games are you most obsessed with?

    I was kind of addicted to HiLo until I started to lose so much. I got three As and three Ks in it only to lose and bust. I never trust it anymore. In plinko when I started to play it first, I was winning good, like 5x and 10x with smaller bets tho. Then I bet higher amounts and never got more than 0.7 and only loss! Best with high bet I got 1.1x. Blackjack is I neither hate nor love. It's like sidelined game. Diamond Poker is what if you wanna seriously bust your balance odds are it will be tie or bank will win. You hardly win. Rigged ? No. But still I never had any luck in it. Mines is what I started to love for a while. The diamonds often seems to behave good when I click them and I got pretty fast in achieving good amount in a time. But it has also given me lots of reds on rows. I am mostly addicted to dice even that's the game where I busted the most. It's like instant roll and result without much time consuming or other features. Choose the chance and roll. And I have won good in dice too.
  13. Soyeb Akter

    Last letter game!!

  14. Soyeb Akter

    Last letter game!!

  15. Soyeb Akter

    Hi I am Soyeb

    lol I will keep the rules in mind haha good luck to you too