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  1. as I said in my original post "I don't know the others so well".... so I dont comment on what I dont know. if only others would take that approach, the world would be a happier place.
  2. wow so hard to pick one Dusan the most Serbian (in a good way) Darko the sharpest Katarina the smartest MIlan the most hospitable Shinjo the most chill Thugstream the most fair Mirela most kind Steve the most helpful Eddie the most cool I don't know the others so well, but they all seem to do a good job, considering that managing the chat room is like herding cats.
  3. None of what you state is true, your headline is clearly designed to attract attention to your postings. You are misleading new players with these ridiculous posts.
  4. Please don't post click bait headlines like this, this is not Youtube and we are not idiots.
  5. If you have spare money to throw into gambling entertainment, you are already richer than most people in the world.
  6. Gambling reflects your appetite for risk and reward.
  7. Chase 10x not 9x Chase 92x not 100 Chase 27x not 30x Chase 48x not 50x Chase 18x not 20x Chase 970x not 1000x Chase 90k not 100k
  8. The game can only ever take what you put on the table, if you are going to put a large amount of money on the table, be prepared to lose it. Otherwise bet small and aim high.
  9. in Limbo 1 multiplier in every 50 rolls will be below 1.01x, this is an average, you can get 3 in a row under 1.01x, and have none for 200 games. Adjust your strategy accordingly.
  10. I think if its a team effort it should be divided evenly amongst the team members. Regardless of who wagered the most. You may rip one day in a team the next you may wager the most. I think it may make the race more interesting, its getting a bit boring for me if Im honest. Also if we have esports betting we should be able to bet on a team also.
  11. It would be fun, if players could come together and enter the daily race, or mega race as a team. Players would still bet separately but their individual wager amounts are totaled for their team score. This might encourage players with smaller br to enter the race as part of a team and not feel marginalised. A team could conceivably take on a whale in the Races, unless the whales all get together and form a whale team lol. This may help remove some of the "Hidden" players on the leaderboard, if they race as part of a team instead. They would be hidden in the team but the Team name appears on the leaderboard instead.
  12. I've used this strategy and it is one of the most effective, The 4 ways I've used it are; 1: Luck Score: use the luck score as a substitute for median if it's available on the site you are playing 2: Script: use a script that employs the median. The most successful script Ive ever used was one that used a median strategy to place bets 3; Bet History and google sheets: use api to pull your bet history data into a spreadsheet. 4: Onsite bot: Some sites run bots that provide median stats on request. No this isnt an issue as you only need sample the median from the last 100, 300, 500,1000 bets, or whatever range you are working with. It's possible. You may be confusing mean with median here. High numbers don't affect the median, as its more robust than the mean, which is why we use it. Believe me it works, all the casinos use it to work out the house edge and calculate profits on any game. The law of large numbers is a very interesting mathematical principle as it gives the ability to predict quite accurately outcomes over a large set of trials/games. Think of Tossing a fair coin 10 times the odds are 50/50 but we don't necessarily get 5 head (we may get 8 tails and 2 heads), but toss it 1000 times and we end up with a much closer ratio of heads to tails.
  13. Well for example in Limbo if you bet on odds that are 50/50 you must target 1.98x. Theoretically you should win half and lose half as the odds are 50/50. So the median over a large number of rolls must resolve to 1.98x, but the median rises and falls, similar to trends in a stock market. So if you measure the median as you play you can bet larger when the median is low (knowing it will rise over time) and make smaller bets when the median is high, knowing that it will come down eventually returning to 1.98x. In a nutshell you win more bets when the median is rising and you lose more bets when the median is descending. I think a thousand games should be enough to identify an upward or downward moving median.
  14. I do find that games like dice and limbo have a tendency to balance out, long streaks below 10x for example will often end with 10x showing more frequently than would be expected on average. A low median does resolve to a higher median over time and vice versa. Similar to trading online the median does appear to trend upwards or down over the longer term. In the shorter time frames 100 rolls for example it can be quite volatile. Some sites provide a flash bet facility which allow 10k rolls in about 5 seconds. I used this once to take 1st place in a 24hr volume wager race. I started 10mins before the end of the race but used flash bet to take 1st place and prize.