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  1. Yes but what is the purpose of rainbot? What do stake hope to achieve by having rainbot?
  2. Ok then how do you think rain should be distributed? - Those who rain the most get priority to receive rain? - Those who lost most money, should get priority ? - Those who deposit the most? - Those who wager the most? - Priority based on VIP level? What do you think is the purpose of Rainbot?
  3. HIgh payout is possible on wheel, last week I received a 90x, a 870x and a 2450x payout from wheel.
  4. This doesnt address my question: The bot states that you can expect to see a streak of 800 bets below 200x once every 52 bets. It is saying that on average every 52 bets you can expect to see 800 bets below 200x. This is illogical.
  5. How much did you rain in the last 5 months? If you don't rain or you rain very little compared to what you received in the past, why would you expect to receive rain?
  6. well yes its obvious that 2x is easier to hit. But that doesnt address what Im asking. how can you lose 800 bets in a row once every 52 bets. Its impossible. well yes its obvious that 2x is easier to hit. But that doesnt address what Im asking. Im asking how can you lose 800 bets in a row once every 52 bets. Its impossible.
  7. Can anyone explain why Modbot gives these results below? 2x Target, odds of losing 8 bets in a row: once every 236 bets 20x Target, odds of losing 80 bets in a row: once every 60 bets 200x Target, odds of losing 800 bets in a row: once every 52 bets I can understand how its possible to lose 8 bets in a row once every 236 bets, but how is it possible to lose 80 bets in a row once every 60 bets? This makes no sense to me. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  8. BTC can easily reach a million dollars BUT the only issue is that a million US dollars wont be worth squat it may just buy you a cup of Coffee.
  9. It seems to me that there are many ways to deal with people, who are angry or abusive or ignorant of the rules in the chat. It's all too easy to hit the mute option and 'poof' 🌩 problem gone. Moderators therefore never develop the skills to recognise and diffuse a potential conflict situation early on. Muting people breeds resentment and can just exacerbate the problem for support staff or other mods to deal with later on. I would recommend that Players who offend are moved to a Time out chat room where a moderator can talk to them about their behaviour. If they continue to break the rules after that then maybe a mute is required. Or sometimes two players are arguing over something which is an issue betweeen themselves. Move them to a Time out room and let them resolve their issue out of the main chat room.
  10. Yah we can normally choose between daily/hourly or every 10 mins, each time we renew, which is once a week. The Daily is equivalent to 10 hrs of the Hourly amount, I'm not sure how much the 10 minutes reload is worth.
  11. you were lucky tbh,I have not seen in my own seeds a 100k appear around the nonce indicated (50-60k) in your seeds, I have however seen it much earlier and/or later
  12. the last time I did that it took about 2 hours
  13. Rick, thats good to know, how are you playing on the API, you using dice bot?