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  1. There are patterns, you can see them ebb and flow in the game other less experienced players don't have the ability to recognise the same patterns. Your subconscious is far more adept at pattern recognition and parallel processing than your conscious mind. The difficulty is in trying to quiten the concious mind, so that your subconcious conclusions can be heard.
  2. Crash is Crashing my browser on my PC (windows 10, Google Chrome). If I run it for a few minutes it takes up all available ram, after that it then begins to write to my hard drive using it as virtual memory. The end result is it crashes the browser and sometimes my PC needs a restart. Does anyone else have this issue with Crash? or should I take it personally?
  3. Bet during race times, but ignore the race. When the race ends you will be notified if you placed anywhere significant.
  4. Hi Guys, Does anybody know what tools I'd need to build a Limbo Bot, the autobet on stake just doesn't do it for me. I know there is a hilo bot and a mines bot, but I dont know what software was used to make them. They look like they are relatively simple apps that are just making requests to the graphql/api server. I'm not a developer and may be biting off more than I can chew. Any guidance regarding software necessary would be appreciated.
  5. I'd love a dark version of the UI, I'd change it myself if I knew how. One other thing I'd really love to see is the Historical result of each role expressed as a multiplier. My mental model of Dice is all based around target multipliers, working with % chance is confusing for me. Including Multiplier as a column in the bet history panel would be very useful, as would the option to turn off the other columns bet data
  6. Well money doesn't buy you love, but it can improve your bargaining position.
  7. Every time I rain I get crucified by the game afterwards. Maybe its just coincidence, but its a disincentive to rain. Also once you rain you attract the attention of the beggars, they remember you and when in need will pester you. Normally I tip a few people, who have tipped me before. But I'm starting to think that both rain and tipping bring problems, and its best not to do either.
  8. 🤑 I agree in principle with the idea of merging accounts, However it creates one problem. The ability to merge two or more accounts would create an account selling market. If merging accounts were allowed, Players could purchase accounts from others in order to reach a desired VIP level.
  9. there are a number of quite legitimate reasons for creating alts.
  10. Welcome. Support is availalble, but in order to get effective support, you need to put some time and effort into asking clear concise questions. All you appear to be asking for is "support". Put time and consideration into making your questions clear and concise, and people will respond with support that is clear and concise. oh one more thing, Begging is not allowed on Stake.
  11. To say it was luck, is to say that my knowledge experience and skills with this game had no part to play. I understand that It is more palatable for some people to believe it was just luck, as the alternative is a little harder to swallow.
  12. Great project, best of luck with it. One thing I suggest is that you create your own unique visual style for the site. At the moment it looks like it was produced by Stake themselves, and I think Stake will have an issue with that. Particularly if you introduce any sort of advertising on the site. I think the stake api allows you to call the last 500 bets from an account, implementation of that through your website would be very useful. Personally the game outcome or result is the most important piece of information for me, so I'd like to see it as one of the columns 😉
  13. Chased for 50 rolls. chased for 30 rolls 5hr Grind