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  1. crash is good, you can check in from time to time to how the seed is... if its rough no need to play through... if its an orgasm of high numbers you can strip off and join in. Crash allows you to change your mind, with Limbo you are committed, crash also allows you to tail a much more experienced player in and out of each round.
  2. but all the other applicants will probably do that...🤓 fuck the cv... make a video and sing it!
  3. yes I saw your Chicken playing football and realized I could use animated gif as my avatar. Everytime I see you in chat I sing this song to myself
  4. It is accepted that there are real girls online but I guess the idea is that it is safer for you to assume all girls are really guys, you cant get into much trouble that way. The other way around can end in disaster.
  5. Well I just learned today we can use animated gifs for our avatars so I made my very first stake themed animated gif I hope you guys like it as this picture is actually how i look. whats not to like, its a cat from the internet!
  6. Casinos are in the hope business understand this and you will understand why you are here.
  7. stake have a jar with all the money in it, when the money in the jar reaches a certain level, then they send the coupon, so if you want coupon faster, please lose more quickly.
  8. hmm first game I played was dodge the beggar, then I played dice and won several btc
  9. "Ginger" I agree is just not a nice word to call people with red hair haha yes there are girls on stake but best to assume they are boys, because they might be
  10. is this the word that two g's one "n" one "i" an "e" and an "r"?
  11. it is the passive beg that is most annoying for me it takes so long, you have to suffer through whatever story they are using this week.
  12. Rajamishra long time no see you play, Breast of Look
  13. Im glad to see someone talking sense here at last. Breast of look Nick