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  1. price will drop after halving, when the clueless realize its not going up, they will panic sell as usual.
  2. well wait and see nothing in stake stands still for long feedback from players, competition in the market, income levels, expenditure levels, global pandemics...etc adaptive, responsive and dynamic, is how stake operate, so bonuses and reloads will always change, to reflect conditions but at the end of the day it all depends how the money flows.
  3. 1.98x is a 50/50 Bet Better you check the median over the last 100 games, to see if it is significantly above or bellow 1.98x or You can calculate when the number of roll results is 60-70% below 1.98x in the last 100 games. Then start to Bet $0.50 at 1.98x double on loss and double on win. Reset to base bet before bet size reaches $16. Try to stop and reset on a win. or Do something else, just don't do it for long.
  4. So what I can discern from your post is the following: > You will accept submissions that were generated using software or were hand drawn. > Awarding of prize is solely based on the "time and effort" that went into the submission. > You specifically want entrants to focus their creative efforts on the stake.com website landing page. Thank you for the clarification.
  5. Its great to have a competition that asks for some visual thinking and creativity. However there is an issue with the language used in the specification. I think you may get a higher response to this if you can clarify a few things. > I suggest you change the term "layout" to "new concept and visual design". The term layout refers simply to the process of positioning visual elements on a page, I think you are asking for something more creative than just layout. >Can entrants use a computer and software to produce a submission? >When you say "layout for stake" are you referring to the stake.com landing page? > I would strongly suggest you give some criteria for the evaluation of submissions. The clearer this is the more submissions you will receive. for example: Concept 30% Visual design 30% Originality 20% Written explanation 20%
  6. Bet 0.1% of your bR, target 10x with 15% on loss or try this Bet 1% of BR at 2.27x, add 70% on loss and also on win. When your betsize gets too high (around 20% of your BR) reset to base bet again. Try reset after a green hit. If you get more than 4 reds or lose the rythm of the seed just reset to basebet.
  7. One that comes with a chauffeur
  8. 👻 Some say Im pretty others say Im ugly, I guess that makes me pretty ugly. Due to technical difficulties with Porn Hub, I'm now available to date. Same species prefered but not a deal breaker.
  9. post the bet id, nobody is going to go digging through your bet records.
  10. https://bustadice.com/bet/k8RwNrGqMKvOkKcqOWBePLvWby The link above was the last bet in a martingale strategy to hit 10x you can martinagle any target multiplier...the basic ideas is that when you win you get all your losses back plus one win of your target multipllier. -to martingale 10x you add 11.01% to your bet size on loss -to martingale 100x you add 1% to your betsize on loss -to martingale 1000x you add 0.1% to your betsize on loss Like every strategy Martingale will fail if used at the wrong time. People often run out of funds before their target hits. Some blame the martingale strategy for their losses, rather than accept the truth. Either their betsize was too large to last the distance or/and they employed the strategy at the wrong time.
  11. I won 22.4btc using martengale, all strategies work if used at the right time.
  12. I'm reposting this as a separate topic as I think there are many people who would be interested in using this tool for hunting dice targets in Stake competitions or on other sites also. This script is written in Lua and requires the Mydicebot application to run. I presume it will also run in seuntjie's dicebot application, as it's written in Lua, but I haven't tried that. Link to the script is here>> https://gist.github.com/mydicebot/325594cd23605f2d230a0355f8139110 Mydicebot website is here>> https://mydicebot.com/ Seuntjie's Dicebot is available here>> https://bot.seuntjie.com/
  13. Bet 1 sat at 1.98x, when you see a long red train double your bet until you see a green train, then go back to basebet 1 sat.
  14. Bitcoin halving is in about 10 days, in the short term I think it will have an effect on the price. Why? because thats what happened the last two times that the supply halved. If anything I suspect that the effect of the halving may cause the price to wobble and drop a little. Price of BTC can go up or down at any minute on any day. Markets are driven by sentiment and speculation. Nobody can really know for sure. Charts tell you what happened in the past, they cant accurately predict the future. Toss a coin to decide you have a 50/50 chance of being right, same as the Technical Analysis Fortune tellers with their charts.
  15. oh sorry to see Irena go, Irena was a great vip host.I wish her success and the best of luck in whatever she chooses to do next,
  16. Yeah Im aware of that. In the past I have done this kind of unpaid mod work, so I do understand the shit that players get up to all day long. It may not appear this way but In truth I'm trying to be helpful as I've seen how mutes can escalate conflict. Creating bigger headaches for mods and support down the line. I just tend to come at problems from odd angles. Im guilty of click baiting the topic title, I hold my hands up to that one. Maybe I can tone it down a bit.
  17. Nobody is suggesting that the chat is a therapy session. I think you are missing the point. There is an issue whereby muting some players in some instances is causing further disruption/problems for the support staff, we are discussing possible solutions. If you have an alternative proposal to address the issue please make it. Criticising the suggestions of others without making an alternative proposal, does nothing to move us towards a solution.
  18. XRP has no intrinsic value.
  19. I dont like to rely on Luck tbh, you may find this of interest https://bustadice.com/player/Ghostnipple Stake provide bet history for every player. You can access and download the daily bet records from the Transaction Menu.
  20. The VIP level system is a way for Stake to measure the value of their current player base. This system allows Stake to value the business at any point in time. It also allows Stake to make profit projections and facilitates general business strategy planning. In order to survive in this competitive sector Stake have to implement best practice in all aspects of their business. Understand the purpose of any initiatives employed by Stake and you can make more intelligent conclusions about their actions.
  21. Check over these for me too will ya? https://bustadice.com/player/Ghostnipple
  22. Setting aside the dumping of XRP into the markets by the directors of Ripple Labs. Here are a couple of points to consider about XRP. Ripple Labs the company, has an obligation to pay R3 five billion XRP for the price of $0.0085. Thats 13% of all XRP valued at $0.0085. How do you think that will affect the price? 5 billion XRP dumped into the market. But but...Partnerships with banks? Don't confuse XRP with the company Ripple Labs. The big institutions in partnership with Ripple Labs, are not using XRP they are using a product called xCurrent. There are some good crypto projects out there, XRP is not one of them. Aside from some brand equity XRP has very little intrinsic value.
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