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  1. Stake username: ashleylolita Team name: stakeashleylolita
  2. saving up at the moment [will use in race and challenges will either win more or give it back] playing t every hr not worth it
  3. Thought my 67 will shoot me to top 10🤣
  4. If 4-5 tiles works for you then stick to it...
  5. After a big hit best thing is to wd but if you know you still going to depo later then just stop for a while
  6. Its chrome i tried other browser but chrome remains the best
  7. It use to be easy for me too now seems hard but its all about picking the right side and luck
  8. The greedy part will be strong this time, best thing is we like 75% and leave the rest to either win more or lose
  9. Not lucky enough to hit that high
  10. Join the race when i have balance only and i never made top 100 and still end up losing
  11. Nice hit make sure to end a winner dont lose it again
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