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  1. I have heard about Ripple in the past. But honestly, I didn't invest on it yet. But for me Bitcoin, Altcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum are very interesting. I usually try https://changenow.io/ to check out the price. If you have sometime you can try it. All the best!
  2. Not bad. I also love to play this one.
  3. I don't know much about Stake token yet. But I have great interested in it and I would like to learn more about Stake Token. Because I am involved in another industry like Ethereum based on ERC-721. Tokens are ready for selling. Looking for a serious and interested person.
  4. I also want to know more about it. But we would like to sell Ethereum token based on ERC-721. What's the easiest way to sell them?
  5. Thanks for this thread. We have developed a new token which is ready for selling. Ethereum security token based on ERC-721. Let me know if you are interested.
  6. Every good thing has a negative impact. This isn't a big issue. People are much more aware in these days. They know better which one to accept which aren't.
  7. Nowadays media is everything. Within a second we get the latest news and updates of different journals, portals, newspaper etc. Anyways, does anyone read this news yet https://all-stocks.net/state-street-partners-with-gemini-to-launch-crypto-reporting-platform/ I found this news on a crypto exchange website?
  8. That's fantastic. Got a little bit of encouragement. Thank you brother.
  9. You are lucky enough in this case. You made a lots of profit I guess. Anyways, do you recommend any other crypto coins nowadays? And one more thing I have a few different coins which I would like to sell. Do you recommend any platform? As an user I joined in some crypto exchange websites https://exchange.all-stocks.net/register already. Thanks!
  10. You can take your time and decide. If you think it's high-time then buy otherwise not. LOL!
  11. wow fantastic. It looks like a good info. I will definitely try to buy bitcoin for me. Can I buy bitcoin from another sources like all-stocks.net? Please let me know how reliable this source is? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your post. I also like to update you with another cryptocurrency exchange websites https://all-stocks.net/. From this community you can easily buy/sell crypto coins. Besides, there is a free coupon code available for the new users "ALLBTK". Join and enjoy. Thanks!
  13. We have developed some security token. Now we would like to sell them. How can we do that? Do you have any ideas?
  14. We have some security token which we would like to sell. How can we do that?