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  1. They are poor though. Because they came out to join in gambling that have enough money. But after playing a little longer money decrease gradually. So this is the process of being poor from rich. This is why I don't support gambling anymore.
  2. I'm excited too. Can't wait a bit to play the game.
  3. As I said already in my earlier post. Great source to buy/sell cryptocurrency. Thank you!
  4. Are you talking about casino slots?
  5. This happen to me as well. When I win a big amount of money. My joys know no bound.
  6. The easiest way is to join in different exchange websites. Buy from there and simply exchange with other coins.
  7. Sure. Feel free to ask if you have any question. Welcome!
  8. Welcome dude. Glad to see you here. Hope you'll learn a lot of things from this community.
  9. I am bit confused by reading an article from this site: https://all-stocks.net/g20-countries-opt-to-regulate-cryptocurrency-to-battle-money-laundering-and-terrorism/ by Omri Shabath 'cryptocurrency money laundering and terrorism'. How much true is this?
  10. Are you interested in buying bitcoin for you? If yes, how much would you like to buy? There are lots of sources available as you said already. But I think you should research before buying. Look at the company reputation from where are you going to buy. But if you want to exchange with some other coins like BTC, ETH, Ethereum, Litecoin, Altoin then it's easier I think. I usually depends on this one https://exchange.all-stocks.net/. You can easily see different of different coins which is scrolling on the screen. All the best!
  11. I am not totally agree with you. This may happen in the future. But it will take more time. Thank you!
  12. Yeah, hopefully coinbase will back to his own form. I'm much excited to read this news about coinbase https://all-stocks.net/coinbase-spreads-its-crypto-card-across-six-more-european-countries/ So coinbase is increasing his service more than 6 countries.
  13. Looks like you all have experience using Tether. But I don't have much. Anyways, I am ready to learn. Thank you!