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  1. I'd like to change the house edge to say 2 or 3% so every bet I would make it would put some in a saving account
  2. My English isn't the greatest. But I need people that have skills in media, programming, website builders. I not really have those skills. I could learn maybe. But I am a great leader and have ambition and great ideas. So I for now look for people that are like minded. Say we provided a mean of electronic payment that would match widely accepted currencies. People could then buy them to use on daily basis. And the money we receive is used to buy precious metals. So those people could chose to hold on to the stable coin or trade it for the metal backed one. The price of metals fluctuates with supply and demand and inflation. So if we managed to make it adopted by mass would gain lot of value. The USD is the main currency for international trade and basically holds no value. And allow them to finance wars across the globe. Let's end the tyranny of the elites that wants to keep humanity enslaved to the selected few.
  3. It is my intention I just want to gather people have same interests. Here is telegram channel. https://t.me/ONENATIONEARTHCOMMUNITY
  4. Hey guys, I would like to create a crypto that would help solve world problems. Say we created a token or coin that would be backed by gold and silver. We should have another that should be a stable coin and trade if for the first one. Businesses could accept the stable coin as payment and give discounts to their clientele. By joining there would be a small lifetime membership fee. People would like create movement would have to do the same also. But all proceeds would be to help humanity.
  5. Yes I noticed this also. You inbox people and they only find out hours later. On other end it prevents people from PM attack when u roll good wins.
  6. My girl would pretend I do incest to her and say not tell mom etc. But also had sex once and was more into keep playing blackjack.
  7. I did smoke crack out of a vape. But was a cannabis distillate vape. I'd put like a average size piece and would bt able to hit multiple time. Instead of only once.
  8. So I was playing mines and bet a decent 0.15 ltc I showed my buddy before I cash out and told me top left but i didn't have balls risk what i won. So cashed 99x
  9. How much would be hourly boost if wager about 40k$ in a week?
  10. The more you give the more you will receive. They say for every $ spent on advertising you bring 10$ in sales. Well loyalty programs will do as much if not more. Since I'm VIP and get boost and rakeback I dont really play anywhere else.
  11. Would be great if we could add a bankroll edge. Say you put 1% more to actual edge. And for every bet you make you add to vault 1%. And you set a date or goal that once reached is available for WD.
  12. I was permute for trying sell my account. For accidentally post btc adress. Use 2 account in chat. And posting a TG link.
  13. I WD 3 btc from site in April. I manage pay lots of debt. But go me start gamble much more frequently. Gambling is really bad.
  14. Is kept secret. But is based on amount you wager.