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  1. Indeed. One trend I see is that the bigger the bet, the more often you lose. This is probably to make up for the amount of all the small bets, since they statistically always win 1% more than everyone
  2. It's mathematical impossible for you to win, in the long run, at least. Stake has a 1% edge, which mean they earn 1% from every bet. For you 49 people to win, 51 people will lose. They may not earn 1% on YOUR bet, but they will earn on the one who lost to the 1%. With a huge amount of bets coming in every day, their earning margin of 1% is what are keeping them afloat. You just need to stop while you're one of the 49 people and hope you're not one of the 51 people who loses.
  3. Hey @Dan. Can we have a deposit version of this? or open up for this? mutation CreateVaultDepositMutation($amount: Float!, $currency: CurrencyEnum!) { createVaultDeposit(amount: $amount, currency: $currency) { id amount currency user { id balances { available { amount currency __typename } vault { amount currency __typename } __typename } __typename } __typename } } Hey @Dan. How would a XRP which includes tag, look? furthermore, the mutation just throws an error: { "errors": [ { "path": [ "createWithdrawal" ], "message": "error.string_empty", "errorType": "stringEmpty", "data": {} } ], "data": null }
  4. Hello @Dan what's the tfaToken?
  5. That would be awesome! The graphic UI is a bit heavy 😅
  6. @Dan What's the api call for the slot game?
  7. @Dan Is there a API call to withdraw?