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  1. Sometimes your behavior patterns are the result of subtle effects. Prejudice can affect your judgment to the extent that your decisions may contradict all conventional wisdom Everyone has preconceptions. They play a huge role in everyday life. You can buy a specific product at the supermarket because it is a recognizable brand, or you are reading a specific newspaper because it supports what you already think. Siding trend It is impossible to completely get rid of bias, but if you know how it might look, you have a much better chance of reducing the impact on your trading. Representative bias: let's say you observed a recent uptrend. You are engaged, in this case it pays off. You will see the same market later, following an almost identical trend. Due to the bias of the representative, you assume that if you close the same deal again, you will repeat. But even if the two transactions are similar to the surface, it is important to consider each circumstance uniquely. Negative bias: looking back at a previous deal, you can just see what went wrong. A particularly difficult loss or series of losses will overlook any of your positive results - and the positive decisions that led to them. Misconception about gambling: if the market grows for three consecutive days, the misconception about gambling indicates the likelihood of its growth on the fourth day. But beyond your imagination, there is nothing to relate past events to future events. The status quo is biased: instead of searching for new ideas, you may be tempted to use those that have been successful in the past - even if they are no longer objectively worthy. Confirmation bias: You can be sure that the stock market will grow. With a rejection of confirmation, you only see news and information that supports your view, and look at everything that contradicts this. news Deviation from aversion to losses: it will not close a losing position and will continue to trade in the hope that it will ultimately pay for itself. This is similar to a donation bias, since you see that the deals you made have much greater potential than you decided not to make. In any case, when the price moves against you, you will not want to abandon it. Flock of deviations: human nature - to do what everyone else is doing, and traders, like everyone else, are faced with this. You must be confident in making decisions based on your research and your trading plan - and stick to these decisions when you make them. Herd slope Emotional traits of successful traders In this course, we looked at how to control emotions that can be harmful to traders. Therefore, let's now consider the personal characteristics that you should strive to develop if you want to get the best in your trading: summary Be aware of prejudice and find out how it can affect you. We all tend to think in a certain way, but try to be as objective as possible when you trade. Successful traders are usually calm and disciplined. They know their boundaries and follow a clear plan to achieve their business goals. El rendimiento de señales forex gratis en el pasado no es indicativo de resultados futuros de señales forex en https://www.freeforex-signals.com/es/
  2. Although some feelings may make you hesitant to exchange, others may have the opposite effect, forcing you to act when you shouldn't. impatience Instead of being paralyzed, some new operators have a completely different reaction and are eager to reach the markets. It can be more destructive. As the saying goes, "a little knowledge is dangerous," and concluding a deal before fully prepared is the right way to thwart. Let's look first at this checklist: Are you ready to trade? Do you use your trading platform and do you know how to use the tools you offer? Have you developed an action plan? Do you fully understand all the factors currently affecting the market you want to trade in? Have you planned your operations, thought about your goals and calculated your potential profits and losses? If you can answer “yes” to all of these questions, and if the transaction you propose matches your trading plan, you are ready to go. Show restraint in the same way with regard to opening positions. After entering the market, you have to give the market time to respond as you want - do not lose patience and do not trade until the market has time to act. Temptation and greed When your transactions are going well, it's natural to be afraid to increase your potential profits. But at these times, it is important to follow the rules of your business plan. If the signals indicate that it is time to close the position and make a profit, it is likely that you will not hope to earn more money. Silver Diablo The same thing happens when you see an exciting opportunity to negotiate. Suppose you know an experienced trader who says he sees the price of Trendy Online Retail Group plc going up quickly. You may have a tendency to make a big deal even if they interfere with your business plan. But it's important to remember that your plan has a reason: to remove emotions from trading decisions. If the risks associated with this transaction are not within the criteria you normally see, you should refuse to participate, regardless of your trust in your friend. Happiness and pride When the agreement works well, you are likely to feel very comfortable. Of course, you will be proud of your achievements. If all trades are profitable, you can even start feeling invincible. a leg These feelings, although positive, can also be dangerous. At such moments, uncontrollable optimism may appear, prompting you to take risks, which are usually outside your comfort zone. We humans tend to see trends in everything, so a series of successful transactions can convince you that you are "in the winning chain". However, remember that the universe does not work this way: your next trade can easily lead to loss. If you overestimate yourself, you may experience painful trauma. Always remember how your mood affects your business decisions. By controlling excitement and staying calm, you are likely to think clearly and make informed and wise choices. Summary Reasonable restraint is essential. Don't haggle hastily without knowing what you get If the opportunity does not match your personal trading plan, say no. Don't let success go to your head. Enjoy your achievements, but stick to your trading strategy. Free Forex Signals offer a special offer Open a trading account with one of the best forex brokers and get free Forex signals through SMS, email and WhatsApp Sign up for a free trial to access the free Forex signals in the Members area, start for free for 30 days
  3. Is it "point"? Unlike stock price movements, they are measured in recognized currency units such as pennies or cents, and Forex changes are measured. For example, if the EUR / USD price moves from 1.20160 to 1.20170, the higher value of 0.0001 dollars represents one point. EUR / USD For most major currency pairs. One important exception to this is that of the yen. Here is the second decimal place GBP / JPY Any decimal places so defined in the price are known as fractional points or pipettes. A question If the USD / CAD price moves from 1.19527 to 1.19617, how many points do you move? What is "a lot"? Every single-point movement in the Forex price does, to take advantage of these small changes? The standard quantity is 100,000 units of currency. You can get small contracts and small kits. Small investors can not. Can you open a large market center? In any profit or loss on the full situation. We see leverage in more detail in the “Orders, Execution and Leverage” cycle. Major pairs In theory, can you replace any currency in the world with any other currency? You can even speculate on the Armenian Dram to Zambian Kwacha (AMD / ZMW) price if you find a broker willing to trade this pair. In Mixed Currency Currencies: What is your spouse at what period? Currency pair names EUR / USD USD / JPY GBP / USD GBP / USD USD / CHF USD / CAD / CAD AUD / USD Note that all these pairs include the US dollar, adjusts. Mature, simple and curious Pairs that are traded less frequently may be seen or released? The most common secondary pairs tend to contain the Euro (Euro), British Pound, or Japanese Yen (JPY). Some forex brokers may refer to strange or emerging pairs. GBP / MXN (British Pound vs Mexican Peso) or USD / PLN (US Dollar against Polish Zloty). Finally, you might come across? These categories work for foreign currencies from regions of the world. EUR / NOK (Australian Dollar vs. New Zealand Dollar) as Australian pair, while EUR / NOK (Euro vs. Norwegian krone) What drives Forex markets? We took a look at what Forex is Well, currencies are effective measures of the health of the region they represent. So if I visit you? In general, the stronger your country, the more you compare your currency to other currencies. Factors affecting the country's economy. Order these: interest rates Inflation rates government policy Demand for imports and exports Economic statistics such as the province's growth figures, unemployment levels and manufacturing data Abstract Forex movements are measured in points. For most couples, they represent a single point number one in place Forex is traded in standard contracts, representing 100,000 units of currency Currency pairs are usually classified as major, minor, or exotic In general, the stronger the economy free forex signals presents special offer open trading account with one of the best forex brokers and GET FREE forex Signals via SMS, Email and WhatsApp SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL To Access FREE Forex Signals in the Members Area START FREE 30 DAYS
  4. Financial markets are full of surprises, allowing some to get enormous wealth while others (who unfortunately constitute the majority) lose all their capital. But being patient and seeking to master their skills still has many of those who initially lost the chance to become the lucky millionaires one day. On the other hand, those who became rich at first, and then became very confident and righteous, may one day turn into complete failures complaining of the injustice of financial markets. The stories of those failures are boring and monotonous and you can read them in any forum dedicated to trading, while the stories of those who succeeded and fall from the summit stepped up again without losing their confidence. Earn a lot of money in dealing with arbitrage Arbitrage is not rocket science. To maintain an individual's capital increase profits is a more difficult business. Many major traders and financiers became famous only after they were able to find their way in trading after a series of failures. Jesse Livermore is an example of this trader. He was a trading genius that only made millions lose them and made them again. The press dubbed him the "Big Bear on Wall Street" because his business had an impact on the market, while the Knight had no secondary education! He began his business career at the age of 14, when a simple farmer son mastered a three-year course in mathematics in just one year. After doing so, he decided to look for any other trade except agriculture and leave his home. His initial capital was $ 5 and the clothes he was wearing. He fled to come to Boston. The concert in front of the bookmaker stopped. This coincidence generated a great career in commerce. It was 1891 and was hired by the bookmaker to write quotes from the stock exchange on the blackboard. The Office benefited from bets on price changes. Office acquired from letter losses. Having a mathematical mind and good memory Jesse noticed the duplicate numbers and began to record them. Understanding some regularity in repetition Jesse understood that changes in numbers can sometimes be predicted. His first winner bet was $ 3. Improving his skills quickly managed to become more accurate in his expectations and achieve great excellence. His teammates abilities made him call his Plunger Boy Wonder Boy. After earning his first capital, he paid $ 5 to his mother, adding $ 300 to help her escape. He soon became popular throughout the city and in one month his bets became banned in every city betting office, because he never lost the bet. This was not possible, as bookmakers earned their revenue from their losses. The bet on stocks enabled Jesse to improve his mathematical skills and develop his own prediction method which was based on technical analysis. Because Boston was too small for him, Jesse went to New York to make more money on the real exchange. He came to New York after carrying $ 2,000 in his pocket. Become a stock trader with no idea about real stock trading. With no long-term forecasting skills, he managed to earn his first $ 50,000 by 1906 just to lose the amount of trading on the exchange and is quite different from betting with bettors. Bad luck didn't break it. He understood his mistakes and took measures to prepare himself for the next attempt. He returned to his first employer and began studying new analysis and forecasting methods to discover news analysis. His innate abilities, discretion and perseverance help him develop a new strategy within a very short period of time. He returned to trading during the same year to recover his losses and earn more. His success did not go unnoticed on the stock exchange, dubbed "One Day Millionaire". It didn't take much time to justify the title. Jesse preferred the bear-style trading often lower prices for many assets. In 1907, his professional trading operations caused a stock market crisis when his bear-style trading led to the collapse of the entire US stock market. New York Stock Exchange owners had to ask him to suspend trading in order to restore the stock market. The collapse of the National Stock Exchange made Jesse a real millionaire. During the 1920s, the merchant was the most influential and wealthy with his own office with six clerks writing his quotes on a large painting in complete silence. He began to live extensively, buying expensive cars and yachts and offering expensive gifts to his wife and mistress. He also became a celebrity with T Press. He lost his fortune four times and every time he earned more, he returned victorious and paid off all his debts and losses. free forex signals presents special offer open trading account with one of the best forex brokers and GET FREE forex Signals via SMS, Email and WhatsApp SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL To Access FREE Forex Signals in the Members Area START FREE 30 DAYS