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  1. this forum send me here
  2. how does the pay per post calculating works sir? and what the maximum word to reach max satoshis?
  3. good job and good luck dude, i always support your streaming. and your video quality is very good. keep it man!
  4. damn dude,you are so lucky, i cant hit that by myself, wait, the payout values are very very big. gonna try it very soon, just for testing my luck.
  5. good luck to you broos, god bless ya! hope you get plenty of coins that can make you happy!
  6. yeahh im win lol, for OP, please lock this thread so anyone cant post in this thread except this last post as a winner, just kidding
  7. hidan

    All in

    damn dude, that was so risky and greedy to all in, congrats @Nneya, i wish i could be you, you're luckiest person in the stake forum ! i want to tell you, i all in my lovely 0.003 but busted , goin to deposit more for recovery, good luck to everyone, cheers.
  8. i love free things, yes we are. thanks for giving away those helpful sites, wilber. cheers to free lover!
  9. ane plinko cuma pernah hit yang x2 gan, risknya high trus yang 16.. susah diakalin ni plinko emang, ane pernah nyoba nyoba free bet 100 kali pake settingan tadi eh nyangkut x1000 1 kali, hoki gan xD. mungkin strategynya cuma 1 gan, simulatenous bet itu tuh, yang bet berkali kali
  10. wow man thats great, i was hoping that im gonna be your child and we live happy with those bitcoins. jk, damn man, 0.0045 btc to 3 btc? really? i cant do that by myself. can you share your strategy by pm dude? i was interested.
  11. lahh sekarang malah 100 juta gan, gile banget ni btc, makin lama makin seneng aja maenin si btc, trader makin untung banyak atuh sekarang. apalagi dari taun 2013 yang investasi banyak ke btc, ane pernah liat ada orang invest 10 btc dulu cuma 30 juta, sekarang 1000 juta / 1 milyar bro, di bitcointalk kalo gasalah.
  12. sekarang mah udah rame atuh gan, udah mendunia, kalo gak percaya coba kalian keluar goa dan lihat apa yang anda lihat
  13. dari pengetahuan ane sih, co owner dari primedice itu yang buat stake broo, alhasil banyak yang berpendapat kalo pd bekerja sama ama stake, padahal mah stake anaknya pd wkwk.