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  1. Hey @Steve why am i not in list ? i did tweeted right ?
  2. Indeed that's true mate with experiences we start to highlight our mistakes our self. And now if i compare my self with me in 2017 i can clearly see the changes. How i learned many thing and have control and not always rage depositing and saving some coins. Playing with a bank roll trying different games/ payouts all these things come with experience when to stop what profit is good.
  3. For me for sure its Mines man every time i decide not to play it after busting my balance. I give it a try in next session regardless of how bad i did in last and yeah that sweet victory of 24.75x that is different feeling for me.
  4. @Sprovchy Welcome to stake community wish you good luck. More games will come ❤️ you will love them too.
  5. It's your wager what determines your level as said you need 10k usd(i think) wager to get to first star(bronze vip). So the more you wager more close you get to next level.
  6. Not a big fan of slots personally but lets see when it come we will surely give it a try who knows when you started loving a game This can be new experience for me as KENO and Mines are in my fav list nowadays but lets see if slots can take entry in my fav list or not.
  7. Lately i see myself in second part where i can't hold myself form depositing and loosing its like when you decided to click last box in mine(considering you will stop after that) and that box turns out to b mine and you regret later. but its not like this always i can hold myself back just little distracted i guess from few days hope i do good in next week
  8. I don't remember when last email coupon i received . May be i am still new to site and any major occasion pass. I know i missed stakes birthday But for now lets wait for coupons
  9. i can see crypto as a payment option yes in many countries this is going on but here in india i can't see this as a option as of now because of the situation regarding crypto is not so great and no proper regulations are implemented but yeah i think in near future INdia will be among top crypto users and one can pay via crypto in every street.
  10. after getting drunk its quite hard for me to play as i do all in all the time lol, SO i try to keep myself away from gambling when i am drunk
  11. 🤣 Lesson learned for life. I hope Future generations will use this incidence as and example for benefit of humanity 😛
  12. Yeah everyone can relate to this it often happens when we go from low bb to high in few seconds. Not just this i remember sometimes as soon as deposit comes puff gone and i regret that later but yeah we have to learn from this a little control is not bad
  13. Congratulations @SLFJ For 1000 Posts and Forum hero. One day i will be there too Go have fun enjoy today take rest this weekend 😛
  14. That's not how it works we wager at different time and at different prices so our total wager will not tell us the actual amount we wagered. Unless you have the data of all the sessions that how much you have wagered in them and what was their price that time. SO it's good to just calculate via percentage. like how much we are far as you said to bronze it's not 1 btc but 10 usd (i think). So in that case %age give us a clear about Lets say it says %50.00(After inspect element) it means you are 5k usd(if we take 10k usd for bronze) away from bronze.