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  1. narinig ko na din yan before ang 1.01x pero di ko pa na i try kase walang waggering bonus yung site na pinag lalaruan ko before . so ang madalas ko lang na gamit ay 50/50 pero madalas din ako matalo .
  2. gaya nga po ng nasabi sa title . gusto ko po malaman kung ano ang pinaka mabisa na stratehiya sa pag lalaro ng dice in a pinoy way para madali ko ma gets . hirap kasi intindihin pag ingles medjo masakit sa ilong . aheheh . sige salamat in advance
  3. aw really ? 1.5btc its alot of money right now since btc value is now expensive . your right though . people or gambler rather always have that same mindset or we shall call it greed . we are not contented on what we have on life or on when we gamble . i think only few gamblers can totally control thier selves to not go overboard but the majority are still trying thier best . like me i am now practicing on how to limit my self . i only divide my money so that i can allocate more on more important stuff and the resrt amount will only go for gambling .
  4. i didnt know that there are two type of dice game . what i thought at all times is that dice games are only line but after seeing this thread i see that you mention are circle version of dice game . it was like a kind of wheel with numbers from 1 to 100 ? but like you said , the outcome is still pretty much the same so i think ill still stick on the default one which is the line version . i also play wheel game and i think i will go for the wheel instead of circle version of dice since i alread play dice before but i dont oftenly play wheel game .
  5. we were on the same boat @op because i sometimes play with small base bet and i try to build it up but i cant help it , so i still bet at 2x or sometimes 3x so that i can get my targeted profit quickly but unfortunately itll only loose . i also bet at max bet just after i deposit thinking that im lucky enough to win but it does not work at all times . i loose all my bankroll in an instant resulting for me to feel depressed . thats just how gambling works , sometimes we win and sometimes we loose . there is no secret method to fix that .
  6. it does not realy matter if how many challenges we are going to recieve per week , one is already enough i guess because challenges are not the main goal on why we are here . this a forum and people here should talk about stuffs related to stake casino , cryptos and gambling ... besides there are other giveaways aside from challenges . some are from social medial , telegram , discord , etc . lastly , you can just play gambling on stake casino using your own balance , you can win alot from it more than what you can win on weekly challenges
  7. thanks for the post op , this question also pops on my mind before but i forgot it later on . in short , i do also look for strategies to wagger faster . before i only play normally and i dont care about this waggering thing but after knowing thier benfits i think will decide to play safe now and spend more longer times on betting with lower risk than betting for higher risk with the possiblity of winning a good profit . i also thank the dude that share their strategy , i will surely try it by that time that i have reloaded my account again
  8. given the fact that its my savings so the answer would be no. i wont risk my personal savings because the main reason why i save it its because i want to use it for more important stuffs than on gambling which was risky. but let say i still have extra money that is not consider as my own savings i think i will risk it on gambling. win or loose i can accept the results . if its 1btc , i will only use 1/4 of it and secure the rest
  9. thats true. you must not quit early or easily if you really want a thing badly because you wont acquire it but you should keep on striving. challenges are called challenges because they are challenging ( obviously ) but if you still didnt get your target and if your already out of balance , that should be the time that you can stop and take some rest and you can try again next time. .
  10. 30 usd ? but the stake withdrawal threshold is around 20 usd if im not mistakin . so you only deposit between 10 to 20 usd and gamble it with minimum risk am i right ? im not saying that its small but its okay than betting above your limit . when you loose at least you wont feel bad at all. anyways i think i will withdraw once i double my bankroll . i can play starting at 0.001 and i max my bet imediately .
  11. ouch op that hurts on your side. 2200 payout isnt that high enough so its strange on why you end up on so many losses. it maybe because your only badluck that time. last time i remember i was hunting for a win on 9900 payout and my losses are not high as you. i think i only got under 300 rolls before i won the 9900 payout. its just a matter of luck tho. dont feel bad but try again next time. .
  12. lol yeah . greed will always takes place not just on gambling but to also on other activity that we do and it just simply occur no matter how we said to ourselves that we are already immune . after doing the greed thing, the regret is the one that takes place. i guess your right , its just only a human thing . its normal for humans to have a trait like that.
  13. first of all id like to congralute you buddy, 9btc is already a huge amount of money if converted all in todays price and how much more if you win most of them on the year 2017 where btc price is freakin huge ? by the way your right when you say that you are blessed and lucky because gambling is a hard game and majority are loosing and that includes me. i think i loose more that what i won. nowadays i only gambling moderately and my goal is not really for the profit but just for the entertainment
  14. its not bad to gamble but we first keep in mind that gambling is not a money making machine but gamblings purpose should be to have fun and if ever you win well that is only consider as an incentive for playing and staying loyal on the site . if we want to surely grow our money then starting a business can be a good idea just like what you suggested above . its strange to have a badluck everyday . maybe the op didnt only knew how to play the gambling properly like he always bet at max bankroll everytime he play.
  15. your right op . only those who are vip , mods , owner and chatbot are usually can get tips and rains because they are special . they deposit big and they wagger big so the owner should prioritize these guys and give them special treatment more than anyone else . no matter how active you are , the chance is still pretty slim that you can recieve a goodies but those rains or tips are not really that huge so dont feel bad because even if you recieve rarely , that wont still make you rich and you will surely gamble all of it and possibly loose it . just my two cents !