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  1. Wow. It’s really amazing to know how much people are doing. This is incredible and with no doubt, I’m sure this will go a long way to encouraging others on what is possible to do here on this site. I really appreciate your response. This is incredible!!!! It’s sad that you lost it all but whatever strategy you applied, I’m soo confident it’s really possible to do it again. I hope that comes soon. Anyways, that was really a good job and I hope to do same someday yeah. Awesome!!! Wow ghost!!! This is incredible. You did a great job right there and that was a good growth of profit right there. It will surely be nice to hit same someday yeah. It’s really amazing first of all, to know you did this all by yourself just in the first time of trying things out on stake. This is a good!!! on the fact that you lost it all afterwards, there are always ups and downs in every seed. You have just not come across one that has got soo much a good side yet well, certainly apart from the other one you got. I’m hopeful you get one again soo yeah. That was a good job
  2. I do have some few target before the Val’s day. I’m targeting on making at least $100 before this day so that I will be able to go out with some friends and have a little fun at least. Do you have some targets before the Val’s day? Do you care to share?
  3. I set a target of making $20 each day on stake. Though this works most times, I get away other times heartbreak and a little disappointed. What’s your target each day and how far do you get to your target? Do you achieve it at all? What’s the frequency of achievements?
  4. Sometimes, I just wonder if it’s possible to make a living out of gambling. While part of me agrees completely, part says otherwise. The point really is, have you at least been able to make some significant profit that helped you take care of some pressing needs? How did you feel if yes, and could you share some more information on that?
  5. My secret strategy is on mines. I get to chase 100x multiplayer on mines from 1 sat while I martingale my way up. I do this until I’m about 0.1% of my total bankroll and then I hunt for 3.3x, still martingale. I usually use 5 germs for the mines. I think this strategy works efficiently. What’s yours?
  6. A couple of times I have made some significant amount with absolutely not, by nothing I mean something as little as eddies lucky coins. From 1xrp yesterday from a friend, I ended up with 0.007 bitcoins!!! What’s your biggest win from nothing so far?
  7. That’s soo interesting man. Well, I couldn’t agree more considering what you do when you are playing. Playing on pc is definitely a good choice se then.
  8. That is nice. . Even though playing on pc has a larger interface, I like the fact that you made it clear that mobile is what you use. Thank you That’s interesting etude. I think I will have to agree with you on this one. The screen is large and the functions are much better on pc. But still even on mobile too, the portability can greatly count you know That is beautiful mobile truly is portable and much convenient to use yeah. Pc is much bigger with its interface though. But whatever the case. What you feel comfortable with also greatly counts yeah Yeah. I completely agree with you on this one. But considering the portability of mobile, I think it also has some cool advantages you might not really be considering though. And by the way, some advanced phones sometimes do not act this laggy for sure yeah
  9. That’s really interesting. It means that you might have had a huge bankroll by then. I’m hoping u were not taken down too. Whatever happened, this one was definitely risky I thought I was doing something risky but this one got my jaw dropping. This is really risky and interesting Ali. Whatever it is, you still doing pretty great. I envy that part of you This is definitely risky even though the amount was pretty small. But considering how that was the only thing you had, I couldn’t agree more to the fact that it was really a risky move. I’m happy the outcome was positive though. Really interesting
  10. Sometimes I see people change from mobile to pc all the time. I have other friends who find it even much better to play on mobile. Personally I see both as not really something important to consider when playing. Whats your take on this?
  11. For the past week, all I do is sleep and dream of some big wins. First I dreamt of wining 1000x payout with 0.1 bitcoins on plinko. I also dream of wining 300 eth on dice and 3 bitcoins on mines. Though I have wished greatly that this dream would have been at least close to reality, it seems that I’m getting the exact opposite of that. Have you ever had such dreams or it’s just me?
  12. I was playing on mines few days ago and on my last roll to zero my account I decided to hit on 3.3 payout instead of the usually 2x payout that I was targeting. I was using martingale by the way. I did and then I won! That was really crazy and I couldn’t be happy enough. The point is that. I borrowed that money and loosing it would have been abit of a hell to go through. It was really risky. But I ended up cashing 5 times my deposit. You wanna tell as about yours? Cheers
  13. I’m not sure there is any rule to gambling aside what the casino says that there is. When you are playing and you just don’t feel like it, then so be it. Otherwise, I think it’s soo much of a problem to enslave yourself by setting rules. It’s a game. Go for it. If you make some cash you make it. If you don’t you don’t. It’s yourself and it’s you money. Just do as you wish and that will be it.
  14. Changing seeds really doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, you will still either have a consolidating game, a wining streak or a loosing streak. Sometimes people try changing seeds when they are loosing. But I personally think that with every bad seed, there is Akos a good side. That’s the beauty of the game.
  15. I faced this too. I faced in on crash and hilo, with crash, the lag came 3 times on a single round of a game of 20x payout. This made me go down pretty fast. And I lost it all. it was a bit heartbreaking though. On hilo, the lag actually gave me a max bet of which I clicked before realizing what had happened. I was betting about 0.1% of my eth bankroll when I realized all of a sudden, it has been maxed and I had already placed the bet. The outcome was negative. Another heartbreak.
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