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  1. What is your favorite collection? I Ireally like reading from novels to comics. I collected several comics or novels. harry potter is one of my collection novels. I really like the story that is really imaginative. even though there is a film, I prefer the novel because the film is not as cool as when I imagine it. ha ha ha ha one piece is my favorite comic, more than 10 years I followed the story. and don't forget to collect his comics when they are published. the story is extraordinary. Even though I am no longer young and already have a wife and children, my hobbies continue. is there the same as me here? or what is your collection?
  2. I dont understand with "one entey per household". Whats meaning of household. I use translate and dont know the mean
  3. Hi bojana I have a little question. at home I use wifi. and sometimes my friends come and use wifi together. if this will be a problem if we use the same network (indicated duplicate). and we use different devices
  4. first when I was little I really liked soccer, even willing to stay up at 3 am just to watch football. now I still like it but I don't want to stay up late if there isn't a very good match. I also like futsal, once a week I play with friends at work. outside of that playing arena of valor to spend leisure time.
  5. weswayahe

    Goodbye plinKO

    Maybe this game hate you or you not love this game fully? Hahahaha
  6. Iam used 2 mobile phone asus max pro M1 & M2. All device have big battery 5000Mah. It is suitable for playing games without having to fear running out of battery. But need update software because find some bugs and lag sometimes
  7. weswayahe

    Goodbye plinKO

    does this work for you? because maybe a bad "seed" is more influential. if you change the IP I just heard this way
  8. yes it certainly is like that, because if you use the money needs of the house if you lose it will create a big problem. I don't want to risk my life and my family like that. ha ha ha
  9. weswayahe

    Goodbye plinKO

    sad to hear that bro. whether with results like that you still play plinko or occasionally play it?
  10. I have made a deposit and also add balance by getting a giveaway or challenge. Stake is well liked maybe because it was also because of the excellent service. support fast response, smooth deposit and withdrawal. if it's lost then it's likely that the player will leave because the service is not as expected
  11. I might try soccer and e-sports. because I also have not seen in detail how to play it. I'm still new to things like this.
  12. No buddy answer, but its ok. And yesterday I find the time and join challengge. Finally Iam one of the winner. Hahahaha
  13. means all the games we can win on the basis of just luck? because someone made a strategy so they could get profits and so on
  14. weswayahe

    Goodbye plinKO

    wow i just heard about this. but I have decided that this game is no longer a priority for profit. but we don't know how the future will work sad to hear that, I've experienced it. and quickly decided to stop it. and it was successful until now maybe I have gotten max PO several times and after that everything feels zonk maybe many people do that too. I used to use plinko to chase wager when I was going to join the VIP, but now I will only play it if there are challenges