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  1. 1 million dollars is amazing. where anything will be fulfilled in my country if I win it. and I don't think I need to work until I die. because the money will be enough to meet the needs of my family until I am old and my children become adults.
  2. first managed to hunt high PO, but used auto bet and this is the second. which makes it special I do it manually
  3. I like both, but when it comes to raising I prefer cats. because dogs are not so "good" maintained in my beliefs. but after having a family. my wife does not allow to keep cats anymore. he is allergic to his fur. and now I often play with the neighbor's cat outside the house with my children. ha ha ha ha
  4. maybe I don't agree with your statement. because I have suffered so many defeats because of lack of patience. always playing fast without thinking risk even eliminating common sense that ends in a painful defeat. therefore I began to try to play patiently. I can feel the results. with the same game and strategy get different results
  5. on PS 1 many games that I like from harvest moon back to nature, jacky chan and certainly winning eleven changed PS 2 to only 3 games that I played soccer, bornout 3 & GTA san andreas. starting PS 3 doesn't play anymore because there's no time
  6. when I first started playing hi-lo I always skip cards 5-9 because I lack confidence and like cards A, 2 & J, Q, K. but now I try to play everything. if I get an A / K card I choose the same card hoping to get a big multiplier. but have never gotten it. ha ha ha
  7. Iam not fanatic about something. And for music I like what is calming and has meaning in the lyrics. like cold play and the like
  8. first when I was little I really liked soccer, even willing to stay up at 3 am just to watch football. now I still like it but I don't want to stay up late if there isn't a very good match. I also like futsal, once a week I play with friends at work. outside of that playing arena of valor to spend leisure time.
  9. Trust wallet, coinbase is my fav to safe my coin by airdrop and lokal exchange is my fav place to safe my coins,
  10. if that happens, it doesn't really matter to me. because I never expected to get it. and I chose another way to get balance
  11. Nice hit. For now my biggest payout on mines onli 2163x.Maybe will hunting again for over high payout. Because this game very good to make big payout
  12. Yes, you are right. how old are you that you are easily tricked? but calm, turn off your computer and go to work, forget your lost money just think you lack charity so bad luck. just kidding bro, keep the spirit to live life hahaha
  13. I also believe that in a few years the price of bitcoin will go crazy again. because this technology is increasingly recognized by the world, so we are just waiting for time and be patient for the rising price of bitcoin. besides that what worsens the name cryptocurrency is a lot of fraud committed by developers and thieves using crypto as a means to deceive
  14. yes i agree with you. need extra luck when playing plinko. at the beginning of the join I have gotten several corners. and after that maybe more than hundreds of thousands of roll I never get it again
  15. I very rarely play this game. because I expect high multipliers. maybe sometimes I play like blackjack and diamond poker when I'm very bored with other games
  16. I not play Carribean poker yet. I like holdem poker, thats fun and can make big hugh with our skill and luck. Hopely this game will be coming.
  17. Feeling and luck. Every game this site need luck, without that small chance to win or big win.
  18. maybe not the two countries if later I have the opportunity to travel. First I will go around Indonesia. Japan or Korea is my next choice.
  19. Ternyata 50% memilih mines. Bagi saya mines tambang berlian tapi juga tambang bomb. Profit dan busted silih berganti di game ini (kebanyakan bustednya malahan) Tapi saya tetep suka mines, apalagi sekarang lagi seneng2nya hunting po Besar dsini. Hahaha
  20. I am not that maniac with brands maybe I prefer to go to marvel because they put out more films. Marvel combines his films into a universe that makes a great value. DC also has good films like the dark knight, suicide squad and wonder woman. they only lost the number of films
  21. Yes thats true I like plinko after hit max PO a few time But never hit again for 2 days, and I know its time to left. Sometime try play again with small bet and see how it work. If just tryin not loss there
  22. When I feel red in a row coming, stop is best choice. I loss 70k doge in 1 night, with imposible movin So after that, try to control ego is the best strategy
  23. weswayahe

    Plinko 1000x

    In my opinion need good seed for play this game. My 1st seed is very good, 1 week can hit 3 time 1000x, 3 time 620x and many other smaller multipliers. In my count under 600 roll can hit max PO plinko. Until I get red long on other game, I try to change seed. And now never hit max PO anymore
  24. Never get high with all in when loos time. Because busted is the result. Thats my opinion and experience And if get high its very lucky guy
  25. Sekarang udah bust. Mau redepo yg kemaren d WD masih mikir2. Bingung mau maen game yg apa? Wkwkwkwk
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