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  1. 1st

    Share your fav porn site

    hqporner nerds
  2. 1st

    www.btcheat.com what you guys think?

    the domain name looks like a scam lol.
  3. 1st

    Make a phrase with 5 letters

    Plink Is Not Kool Ya'll M F L K S
  4. 1st

    Last letter game!!

  5. 1st

    mBTC, Bits or BTC?

    I just stick to btc
  6. Before you found stake.com where did you go to deal with your gambling habit? I personally used to be a big Runescape staker, until I lost my bank of course. Just recently found stake and it's been the best and most fun so far.
  7. 1st

    Guide: how to enable 2 way authentication

    Nice guide, thought this was common sense
  8. 1st

    Hit 9900x with bet 50

    haha no idea you could do that, really lucky!
  9. 1st

    Blackjack biggest win

    I've made nice profits off blackjack, my biggest win could only be up to 2000 though
  10. 1st

    Favorite song?

    Whats your favorite song at the moment? Mines would be R.I.P Chinx
  11. 1st

    Last letter game!!

  12. 1st

    How do you play Chartbet?

    I usually stake a high amount, and cashout x1.1-1.3 Usually gets me far and way more fun and intense than playing low waiting for x10+
  13. 1st

    Chartbet hates me, or worst luck ever?

    I never really get past x2 lol
  14. 1st

    Favorite Poker Site?