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  1. yeah men! that is the best suggestion, i also love the holdem poker, person versus person right? i love to bust other player while laughting at them.haha pokerface rght?!
  2. you are so right with this answer that you have on your mind, actuall thats the whole agenda, i think they want people to panic bet, since there is a time limit, so people will do the best they can to wagger the most to get the 1st or atleast top 10, and its the dumbess decision of all
  3. absolutely! risk can make you rich, but playing safe will not, haha, all people who take risk, the higher the risk the higher the prize is. its all or nothing.
  4. i would recomment hawaii. affordable but yet fun and beautiful place, like you can be a hunter and act like on survuvor island, i love the coconut the most.
  5. that is why you need to make post count, you need to post good topic and comment with interesting topic, you dont comment 1 word, that is spamming, and next time you better browse the whole site first before making any comment.
  6. i see post like this on limbo, increasing the payout instead of bet, this is interesting, way on profiting martingale on payout not on bet. maybe we can try this later.
  7. this will be a complicated suggestion, i think if you want live, you can go to other website, coz here its online crypto casino, i dont think the owner will implement this sugesstion, but pls dont be offended this is just for me, i dont think they will.
  8. i think its just for fun, so that they can entertain their customer or fellow players, gambler on stake.