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  1. qDey

    Big hit on plinko

    Well played...congrats!
  2. qDey

    3 days for 1000x

    Well... congrats mate, i can't even hit something more than x2...
  3. qDey

    No luck in Plinko

    I never win here... never.
  4. Very nice! Good luck at winning bigger!
  5. Hmm.. i didn't know it, but I lose everytime at blackjack..
  6. qDey

    hung up game HILO

    Try to contact live help. They are awesome!
  7. Better 0 profit than -200000.
  8. I played a little of blackjack but i lose everytime when i play it...so, i better play other games.
  9. qDey

    best 21

    That's a nice one!