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  1. my boost just like 998 satoshi its to small but its help to me for wager and up my statistic wager.
  2. i am not drunks or use a drugs before play cuz its so risk lose if drunk u cant control your bet and make you losing all balance.
  3. i cant take that 50 place in mega race its to hard for me .
  4. i am use payout safe 1.25x or 1.5x in dice or limbo play and sometimes i playing with 2x payout too.
  5. my favorite tv series is beverly hils its a tv series old but i like watching that before.
  6. my first game won a big payout is keno i hit 4 tiles 259x with basebet 1 xrp i never win more big win in other game and the most lose in a game dice i am busted 0.003 btc its sucks.
  7. Enjoy with a 1000th post now SLFJ and keep moving in forum .
  8. i never borrow for friends something new friends cuz i dont have a big balance in stake but if i win big i want tip 1 by 1 my bestfriend no borrow just it.
  9. i just play keno 6 tiles or 8 tiles also use it playing in keno but sometimes i am use a 10 tiles in keno too.
  10. later i try this pattern 3 tiles in keno if my balance reload .
  11. i am use strategy payout 10x in dice if i want take a big profit i cant use strategy over than 10x cuz i dont have more strategy.
  12. i am use multiplier in 1.25x payout on dice but its to low for get profit but its okay for me for take a little profit.
  13. Android888

    Cards used?

    you need use a feeling for open a card high or low just that .