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  1. Titan coin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that aims to make digital payments global and accessible to everyone in the world. With titan coin, you can make global payments more easily and securely than ever. Titan coin is based on a new kind of blockchain technology that uses a hybrid PoW & dynamic PoS mechanism, along with for protecting the transactions that pass through its network. As far as the mining goes, the Titan coin blockchain uses a PoS (proof of stake) mining system. Those who have already invested in the titan coin and presently hold/stake some titan coins in their wallets can now participate in the staking/mining of new titan coins. The Titan coin is now in the PoS mode, where the mining of new coins is being held through staking (PoS). Here’s how it works. Staking of Titan Coins Since titan coin is based on proof of stake (PoS) mechanism, it enables people to mine new coins based on their existing stake of titan coins. The person who has more titan coins than others will have more mining power and so will be able to mine coins than others. Here are the important things you should know about Staking Titan Coins: 1. Titan coin holders can participate in the mining of new coins by validating block transactions based on the number of titan coins they hold. 2. PoS of titan coin is better than PoW system in terms of efficiency and energy-saving. 3. Under Titan coin PoS staking, mining power is distributed among the miners based on the number of coins held by them, thereby reducing energy consumption. So, here’s how it works. Those who want to participate in Titan coin staking for the mining of new titan coins can visit the website. Based on their current stake of titan coins, they can request to join the pool of miners. Note: you can purchase titan coins from exchanges like Mercatox Crex24, P2PB2B, etc. for participating in the staking. The mining power is assigned based on the percentage of stake each miner in the pool has. For instance, if you hold 10% of the total titan coins in the market, you will get 10% of the mining power, and so will be able to mine new coins accordingly. As usual, the mining of titan coins works by solving the complex mathematical problems through which transactions passing through the titan blockchain are verified. All the verified transactions are added to a block and the completed block is added to the network chain. A miner is rewarded with a fixed amount of new coins (titan coin) for creating/adding a new block of transactions to the blockchain. The more you stake in titan coins, the more mining power or ability you can acquire. This is why we recommend our investors to keep holding their titan coins, especially if they are looking to participate in the mining process. If you have a question related to the staking of titan coins or any other matter, feel free to reach the team at our official Telegram channel at https://t.me/TitanCoinOfficial Find us on social media: Facebook: https://facebook.com/Titan-Projects-2289176678004486/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjectsTitan Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/titanprojects
  2. The cryptocurrency industry has done really well so far, or so I would like to think. Yes, there have been a few ups and downs, which are not very uncommon with any market-linked industry. However, the growth has been very good compared to what we’ve seen with other marketing. 2019 is going to be a wonderful year for cryptocurrencies that deserve it. What it means is that in 2019 and beyond, only cryptocurrencies with a good product and market scope will become successful. Investors are becoming more knowledgeable now, and they prefer to be a part of projects that can produce real value. No longer investors want to invest in a cryptocurrency that has no real use cases or just for the sake of investment. This is because the demand for projects that can actually solve real problems of the world is increasing. So, if you’re looking to get started in the world of cryptocurrencies this year, read this article to know the things you should be expecting. Here’s why 2019 will be a great year for both cryptocurrencies and investors. The Cryptocurrency market is evolving for good The crypto market has changed a lot in the past 10 years or so. The time when cryptocurrencies used to gain traffic just because of the hype or popularity is gone now. Today, investors look for value when they want to invest in a project. The same thing is happening with the crypto market. Cryptocurrencies which has the potential to offer real value and profits to their investors and to the market users are more likely to succeed. For example, Titan coin launched about a year ago presents a digital currency with various real use case scenarios. To make their coin more practical and usable, the team has also launched multiple projects, which users can access through their titan coins. It provides a secure means for an instant, cross-border payments. People will only buy solutions No one is going to buy or invest in your cryptocurrency unless it offers a real solution. It is a fact for the crypto industry this year and beyond. Inspired by the failures of many past cryptocurrencies, both investors and users are now looking forward to joining hands with cryptocurrencies that aim to solve a real market problem. Blockchain technology is said to have the potential to literally solve most, if not all, of the world’s problems. I am sure if you search well you will manage to find at least one or two cryptocurrencies that are worth your time and money. Blockchain is now bigger than cryptocurrencies Gone are the days when cryptocurrencies were just a means of investment or sending/receiving money. Now, the users understand the potential of blockchain, the technology behind digital currencies. Blockchain is what makes transactions immutable and transparent for cryptocurrencies. Besides digital payments, blockchain has possible uses in multiple industries such as healthcare, insurance, banking, voting, among others. In 2019, more crypto projects with real blockchain uses will hit the floor and be appreciated by the investors. For any query or question, feel free to reach the team at the official Telegram channel @ https://t.me/TitanCoinOfficial Find us on social media: Facebook: https://facebook.com/Titan-Projects-2289176678004486/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjectsTitan Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/titanprojects
  3. For many years, bitcoin has ruled the crypto market with its unchallenged domination and unstirred regime because of the lack of a suitable competitor. But, no more. Titan coin, which is an altcoin built on the limitations of titan coin, proves a significant case of why it has the potential to disrupt the crypto industry and become the best investment alternative for the masses. The following four factors depict exactly how Titan coin will become better than bitcoin. But, first things first. What is Titan Coin? Titan coin is a digital currency, which will make digital payments easier and faster than ever before. With titan coin, people around the globe will be able to send/receive payments in a peer-to-peer manner, with complete security and no delay. Titan coin uses a new blockchain technology based on Hybrid POW & dynamic POS along with SHA 256+ Groestl (Dual Algorithm) for the backbone of transactions. How is Titan Coin better than Bitcoin? It is more secure Bitcoin, as we know, failed to guarantee the privacy and security of transactions on its network. Titan coin is the next-gen cryptocurrency which uses a blockchain with the SHA256D algorithm of the main bitcoin source. Moreover, it is upgrading constantly to become better. The benefit is that the transactions are very secure and protected against any kind of potential threats. It’s faster The use of hybrid PoW/PoS mechanism by the Titan coin blockchain ensures that the transactions are processed at a faster speed than usual. The block creation speed is also high, which enables miners to generate more rewards in less time. On average, titan coin transactions can be processed within a few seconds, as compared to the 10-minute transaction time of bitcoin. Low energy consumption Thanks to the use of proof of stake (PoS) SHA256D algorithm, the mining of new titan coins is a less costly affair because of low energy consumption that traditional mining networks. In addition, the mining of titan coin is super easy and secure, as it works on the staking (proof of stake) mechanism. This opens new opportunities for mining beginners worldwide. It is a self-sustainable blockchain Titan coin is created as a self-sustainable blockchain platform, where the demand for the cryptocurrency will be supplied by creating and running new, smart applications within the ecosystem. The Titan coin community can use the platform as a global digital payment service. In addition, it also works as a support structure for building and running a range of projects/applications in industries like cloud computing, online gaming, and more. Overall, titan coin is a promising cryptocurrency, which has the potential to achieve what most other past cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, failed to do - make cryptocurrencies more mainstream as a means of digital payments. For any query or question, feel free to reach the team at the official Telegram channel @ https://t.me/TitanCoinOfficial Find us on social media: Facebook: https://facebook.com/Titan-Projects-2289176678004486/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjectsTitan Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/titanprojects
  4. In the present-day investment sphere, both investors and investment seeker businesses are looking for reliable & trustworthy third-party service/software providers (e.g. Robo-advisory, legal firms, accountants, etc.) who can assist them in managing their portfolio and achieving the investment targets respectively. However, the intensified market competition and reduced profit margins from the client end have made life difficult for such third-party vendors. Some of the common problems faced by their-party vendors in investment sector today include: 1. Intense market competition 2.The challenge to improve their product visibility 3. Declining in profit margins from the client end 4. Absence of innovative, tech-driven global investment platforms with advanced digital capabilities to support third-party services via API integration The existing traditional investment platform with low to zero digital capabilities also does not offer high-profit earning opportunities to third-party vendors in the investment market. DCI Ecosystem- A Turkey Investment Solution for Third-party Vendors to Grow their Business and Find New Clients Looking at the third-party vendor problems in the investment landscape, DCI is working to create a fully-compliant, secure and futuristic cross-asset investment ecosystem that will enable third-party vendors to promote their products or services directly to the clients’ user Interface. The third-party vendors will be able to provide services like robo-advisory, risk rating, accountancy, legal advice, etc. DCI Ecosystem will integrate API functionality so that these vendors can offer their services directly to the DCI clients in the most secure, transparent, and reliable way. The AI capabilities of the DCI Ecosystem will allow third-party vendors to promote their products or services directly on the client dashboard based on their personalized needs and past search history. The investors in the DCI Ecosystem will be able to add/activate these third-party services to their portfolio using a simple drag and drop facility by going through a list of third-party vendors present in the DCI Ecosystem. Investors will be able to find suitable investment opportunities and personalize their portfolio with the help of such third-party vendor services. Third-party vendors (e.g. accountants, legal firms, etc.) in DCI Ecosystem will also be able to assist the investment seeker businesses in tokenizing their traditional securities (e.g. shares or equity ownership, real estate, projects, etc.) to raise funds directly from investors via a compliant & legal security token offering (STO) method. Third-party vendors will also offer expert legal advice, accountancy, and other financial services to the investment seekers. DCI will be a decentralized and democratic ecosystem with a self-governance framework embedded into it. This will provide a more secure and transparent trading environment for everyone, including third-parties, investors, and seekers of investment. Benefits of Joining the DCI Ecosystem for Third-party Service/Software Providers An Innovative and Profitable New Sales Channel The third-party vendors, joining can easily find new clients on the DCI Ecosystem using the system AI capabilities. It will work as a new innovative sales channel for their business. Promote Product/Services Easily on Client Dashboard Third-party businesses can promote their products or services directly on the client/user dashboard based on their personalized needs and past search data. Free or Zero cost Registration Third-party service or software vendors (e.g. AI/Robo-advisory firms, legal experts, accountancy and notary service providers can freely register on DCI anytime and offer their services to clients. Follow us on social media for the latest updates about the project: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dciecosystem/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dciecosystem/javascript:void(0); Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dciecosystem/
  5. Cryptocurrencies are blockchain-based digital currencies, which were originally created as a means for peer-to-peer, global payments. Besides bitcoin, there are many altcoins that are successfully enabling people around the globe to perform secure and instant transfers involving digital data and money. Titan coin is one such cryptocurrency. Thanks to titan coin’s unique hybrid consensus mechanism, digital payment transactions are faster (almost instant) and more secure than ever. However, people who have invested in the titan coin or who are planning to do so are now wondering what else, besides sending/receiving payments, can the titan coin be used for. You’ll find the answer to that question in this blog. Investment Of course, being a cryptocurrency, titan coin can be used by people as an investment product to put their savings in. Investing in titan coins works just like any other investment commodity, where you can choose to invest a certain amount of money (by purchasing titan coins) on a regular (SIP) or a one-time basis. You can purchase titan coins from a number of exchanges, including Mercatox, Crex24, etc. Trading If you are looking to make instant profits from your titan coin (TTN) investment by participating in day trading, you can do so at any of the exchanges where the coin is listed. Trading refers to the act of buying coins at a low price and selling at a higher price to make immediate profits in short periods. Being a low volatile coin, however, TTN is more suitable for investing than trading. Mining/Staking Looking to earn more from your titan coins? Well, you can always participate in the staking & mining of new titan coins. Titan coin is now in PoS mode, where you can get access to the mining platform by staking in titan coins. The more coins you hold, the more you are eligible to mine new titan coins. For more details, you can check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q53docTRgCw Access to amazing things Titan coin is designed to support a complete ecosystem of many amazing things. These include titan projects, which are smart applications designed to help people with day-to-day tasks. In the coming days, the Titanprojects team will be launching a series of awesome mobile apps, including the 3D Ludo game, Titan dating app, family security app, fantasy gaming app, among others. These apps will enable everyone to perform a number of daily activities in a secure manner. Users will be able to access the apps and use the services through their titan coins. Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Cryptocurrencies have a great future, not just as a means for payments but also for creating new possibilities for organizations & individuals around the globe. For instance, titan coin has the power to boost the development of a complete ecosystem around it. People are constantly looking for new, realistic ways to use digital currencies in real life. Of course, digital currencies have many benefits over traditional, fiat currencies. The increasing demand for things like digital currency point-of-sale systems is a clear indication that the world is ready to accept cryptocurrencies for more than just payments. This brings unlimited opportunities for startups and businesses to develop point-of-sale machines, accounting software and For any query or question, feel free to reach the team at the official Telegram channel @ https://t.me/TitanCoinOfficial Follow Us On Social Media For Latest Updates & News About Titan Coin (TTN): Facebook: https://facebook.com/Titan-Projects-2289176678004486/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjectsTitan Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/titanprojects
  6. The Cryptocurrency market, just like any other investment market, is full of risks and uncertainty. In order to minimize the risk and to be able to invest in a good, high potential cryptocurrency, each investor must ask these 7 questions to the company/team behind the project in which they are looking to invest. 1. How is your cryptocurrency different from the existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.? Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there. Bitcoin is one of the first. It is a digital currency that can be sent or received worldwide without any centralized or trusted third-party like a bank. A new cryptocurrency must be somewhat unique and different from the existing coins in order to be eligible for your investment. For instance, Titan coin is a digital currency, which is more secure and faster than any of the existing cryptocurrencies because of its hybrid PoS/PoW blockchain. 2. How is your cryptocurrency created? Just like bitcoin are created through mining, each cryptocurrency has its own creation mechanism. Some currencies are pre-mined while others are mined later on by the network users. The mining of Titan coins is performed through staking (PoS). 3. How does the value of your cryptocurrency change? The value of a cryptocurrency is determined by whatever project or entity it supports. Generally, the value of new cryptos and altcoins is defined based on the value of existing, popular coins such as Bitcoin and ETH. The cryptocurrency value changes according to its demand and popularity in the market. You can check the current value of any cryptocurrency at websites like coinmarketcap.com. 4. How do I buy your cryptocurrency? In general, most of the new cryptocurrencies are sold via a dedicated sale event (named ICO, STO, IEO, among others) as a way to raise funds for the underlying project. To buy Titan coins, you can visit popular exchanges like P2PB2B, ESCODEX, etc. 5. Why should you buy or invest in your cryptocurrency? This is one of the most important questions to ask. How a cryptocurrency will provide you profits or how it benefits its investors/users is the first thing you should know before getting involved with it. Each of the cryptocurrencies has specific uses. For instance, Bitcoin is used for digital payments and money transfer, etc. Titan coin will benefit its investors in multiple ways, including high trading profits, secure and low-cost digital payments, access to titan projects, and more. 6. What is cryptocurrency staking or mining? Cryptocurrency staking is different from cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency mining is the process through which new coins are created in a network. It involves validating and recording the transactions performed by the network users, for which miners get rewarded with new coins. Staking is a similar concept, except for the fact that miners are chosen based on their staking capabilities. The more stakes you have in the network, the more new coins you can mine. Titan coin is based on a hybrid (PoS/PoW) consensus which supports both mining and staking of cryptocurrencies. 7. What are the risks? Of course, there will be risks with crypto investment. Cryptocurrency is a volatile industry, where the prices keep shifting very frequently. The more volatile a cryptocurrency, the higher the risks. This is why it is wise to invest in a more stable cryptocurrency like Titan coin, whose volatility is controlled by its varied uses in digital payments and in-house apps.