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  1. Can anyone direct me to an explanation to the user seed? Any advantage of changing your's, ever, routinely, on certain thresholds...?
  2. I have always gone to blackjack to recover. will just do a few hands with big bets 25-50% of bankroll and hope for the best
  3. Couldn't you have just set the auto cashout to low as it would go instead of spam clicking which could have delay
  4. I think the best bet depends on what your goals are for that session. Want to double your bankroll, then maybe start bets at 5-10% to slowly build up. Keeping it at 5% or lower at least lets you be able to do short runs of martingale.
  5. Just finished Mind Hunter. loved every episode except the season 2 finale. All the way up until about 5 minutes left was good as usual then...boom...Anti-climatic ending to the entire season.
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