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  1. Mackyrivera

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] Kamehameha | Plinko Challenge!

    Plinko:435,707,456 placed by Mackyrivera Wagered: 0.00003500 Payout: 83.00x Profit: 0.00287000
  2. Mackyrivera

    [Lending] Short term loans

    hello all! In behalf of Dina...Dina will be out for sometime...and for the time being i will be the one to cater your loans in behalf of her.. for those seeking loans.. it will take a little time than the usual... you can continuously write or post on this thread.. as i will be checking it from time to time... I have strong instructions that new loans are only allowed for this time and for those who will pay their loans.. you can tip me at stake @Mackyrivera and please post a screen shot here.. any questions or concerns you can pm on telegram @mackyrivera.. thank you
  3. Mackyrivera

    [Exchange] sats between different sites/currencies (5% fee)

    In behalf of Dina.. I am announcing that Exchange will not be available for a couple of days or to 4 days... or until further notice... thank you
  4. Mackyrivera

    Plinko Lover

    LMAO!!!! 😂😂
  5. Mackyrivera

    Ipon pa more!!

    maganda yan! sali ko dyan!
  6. Mackyrivera

    Don't Play The Fish? 1 of 9

    As always! nice one! Can't wait for the next!
  7. Mackyrivera

    Increase tip limit

    well you know fees and turtle like confirmation at times...
  8. Hilo:292,590,683 placed by Mackyrivera Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 3.51x Profit: 0.00000251 lol low profit
  9. I have learned that in pd there is no limit on tip, so i am asking why here on stake there is a barrier on tip? Maybe admins should reconsider tuning up the tip limit a bit if not completely removed. just a suggestion it will surely benefit a lot of players as fees are rising and consider the slowness of blockchain for some instance..
  10. Chartbet:281,846,005 placed by Mackyrivera Wagered: 0.00010000 Payout: 6.00x Profit: 0.00050000
  11. Mackyrivera

    Stimubate's Soundcloud Giveaway

    lol i already followed you remember? loooong ago! i was one of your first fan with your work! well if there is one track i would pick that will be... Evy Rose I'm Coming Home One Life ---- i know this is your wish
  12. code: BCH invested: $20,000 code:BTC invested: $40,000 code: NEO invested: $10,000 code: ETH invested: $20,000 code: NEM invested: $10,000
  13. Mackyrivera

    🏆 [0.10 BTC] Trident | HiLo Challenge!

    Hilo:260,892,545 placed by Mackyrivera Wagered: 0.00000200 Payout: 167.31x Profit: 0.00033262 yes!!!
  14. Mines:260,149,867 placed by Mackyrivera Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 939.26x Profit: 0.00093826 yes!
  15. Wow! another site to bust my balance! loool but i know this site is fairly good site too, i always see this on https://dicesites.com/ and it is always on the top 10 gambling sites.. so might look promising.. thanks for the info eldrin!