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  1. The chance given by Casino can be fair but the time when you are make a bet can be manipulate. I got experience rolling 3 consecutive 100 freerolls with 90% chance of win, then the result is 40 reds for every 100 free roll. What the H* is that. it is very wide marginal error. lol
  2. I also play dice,. Sometimes, I am thinking that this is manipulated/Artificial intelligence. I am recording about more than 10,000 bets with different chances. During 100 free roll, it looks like a distributed fair . My strategy is free-rolling first before making a bet. For example Im playing with 90% chance of winning, during my first 40 roll I got 15 red and 25 green so that it has less room for red if you continue to roll up to 100 rolls with small marginal error. But in actual gambling, i got encounter many times got more 35 reds in 100 rolls even you have 90% of chance. It is very wide marginal error.
  3. Martingale - dinadagdagan ang bet kapag nasa losing streak. Inverse Martingale - dinadagdagan ang bet kapag nasa winning streak. Para sa akin hindi talaga mainam ang martingale, i have martingale strategy nung una na nakadesign to survive 20 losing streak in Dice with 50% chance but ang ending talo parin. If magdesign man tayo ng martingale in 30+ losing streak, sobrang liit na nang makukuha for every bet in my case increasing 100% for every loss. In order to survive in 30 losing streak kailangan kong hatiin ang available balance ko in billions ( summation of 1 up to 2^30). This technique requires high frequency of bet resulting to higher the risk. Sa inverse martingale naman, mabilis ka manalo if may na encounter kang consecutive winning streak but you have to be patient to wait this (ex. 5-7 winning streak, etc.). Both of this method ay ginawa ko na sa ibat ibang paraan, still loss pa rin. For now, Stick lang ako sa flat betting strategy, 1% of total balance for every bet kahit matalo o manalo. At narecover ko ang loss ko at nagkagain pa. I only make a bet in (3 consecutive losses with no. of losses + 3 = no. of wins), but alam ko in the long run still 50% chance of win, walang ibang paraan para baguhin ang probability and edge ng casino lalo na sa mga gantong laro gaya ng dice. Kayo, anu pong strategy nyo? . newbie lang po ako dito.
  4. Ang paborito kong laro ay dice with 50% chance.
  5. Kung ako makakuha ng 1 BTC, withdraw ko na agad ang 99%, at gagamitin ko nalang sa offline business the rest is gagamitin ko sa stake. If stake is fair, it is still have an edge in the long run. There is no other method to change the probability of winning, the only way we have in control is money management. Kaya yung 5% lang ang gagamitin sa stake, dahil just for fun lang naman to.