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  1. It is interesting to know your opinion.
  2. Папа по телевизору смотрит Олимпиаду, показывает соревнования по бегу. В этот момент к нему подошла маленькая дочка и спросила: - Папа, скажи мне, почему эти дяди так быстро бегают? - Это же соревнование. Тот, кто бежит первым, получит приз! - Папа, а почему тогда все остальные убегают?
  3. В будущем могут возникнуть проблемы со здоровьем.
  4. Я думаю, тебе лучше уйти!
  5. Я думаю, что медитация-это хорошо.
  6. Hello. I am not a doctor, a biologist, a person promoting a healthy lifestyle and so on. I will tell by my personal example and experience what Smoking is and what is wrong with it. For starters dispelling myths. -no, you not drink half a Cup of resin in year, even one a drop killed would you, if would not "spit it out" and other regeneration in the body human in daily regime. -no, there is still no obvious link between cancer and Smoking. - no, delusional pseudoscientific statistics from the West, saying that smokers have better memory and a lower percentage of patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's-does not work. Now to the point. That with you will make Smoking for 1-10 years CERTAINLY - significantly yellowed teeth, gum disease, bleeding, terrible breath, gastritis, ulcers and deterioration of the saturation of gastric juices. - deterioration of the quality of the skin on the face, on the hands, on the delicate areas of the body (about the armpits) - blood pressure, high pulse, vasoconstriction, Veneto-vascular dystonia - nausea, vomiting (50%), that is, natural rejecting reflexes. - cough, headache, violation of normal work; (for vocalists-more vulnerable and weak to stress voice tool) and worst of all, attention, disorders of the Central nervous system I emphasize the last point and list: Nervous TIC, bad sleep or insomnia at all, the desire to always look for stimulants in the form of coffee, sugar and other things, lethargy-laziness, depression/cognitive dissonance/procrastination and all that sort of thing, not impotence, but not strong enough erection in men. The nervous system will be much more difficult to treat than a sick head or teeth. It all does not sound dangerous for today, but it is possible that in these 10 years you will also have to live, but with pathologies that you will earn forever. Is short-term daily pleasure (for which you also pay) should deprive you of so many"points of health"? How are we going to throw? Don't drop this stuff just to say goodbye. It's okay if we find an alternative. But no hookahs or anything that goes into your lungs. For starters, you can go to (in my opinion the most harmless tobacco product harmfulness to 99% less) snus, "throw" it under the lip in moderation and without fanaticism during the month, and then gradually reduce the dosage. No, it's not gonna blow for quitting Smoking. This is a full-fledged tobacco product that also launders your money. But we need to quit Smoking, stink, get sick, and not be saturated with rubbish in another way. Next is to deal with all sorts of sports and trips and other nonsense, where is your fifth point and even the whole body will be actively objectsa air. Total: the complexity of the "cast" first, we have eradicated the disabled aesthetic ritual , stopped to smoke, but the body still continues to feed nicotine. Well, Yes, you are a drug addict, and what to do? Next - we just reduce the dosage. Forcibly and diligently. You need to know and remember that this is not a vital product - and we were born without it. Find yourself other bodily pleasures-frequent lovemaking, eating delicious food (delicious is meat cooked according to historical recipes, not McDuck), cakes(if your body Constitution allows you), start drinking more water, eat more salty food, pickled. Or find something you like even more. Health to you!