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  1. ETC mining pool is now up! https://etc.protonmine.com
  2. I have a few, mainly ethash coins atm. But ill be expanding to other coins that has other mining algos and such. When i make the pool a react website with api hub.
  3. So i work a lot on mining pools, and i want to showcase my frontend mostly. Rn i'm working on a ETC and ETH pool. Which is dumb because those blockchains are huge. I use highend servers in Netherlands in a datacenter. The ETH pool is gonna be 24gb ram, 24 cores and 150mb upload and download unmetered. Here's my EGEM pool which is kinda demo for rn. https://egem.protonmine.com If you want to discuss anything with me, or got any tips for me. Hit me up in telegram at @Mathias7799
  4. I personally like keno and hilo my self :=) What do you guys like the most?
  5. What's your biggest HILO win? What's the most you've won on HILO? And whats the biggest x?
  6. HILO: 775,715,174 placed by mathias7799 on 11/09/2018 Wagered 0.00000202 Multiplier 22.374x Profit 0.00004318
  7. The point of EGEM, is to reach the mainstream (The people at home / or business that wanna create a ICO, token for development, smart contracts, Blake2s mineable tokens which can be added on to any of the others) The mainstream side of this is mostly mining either on the mainchain which uses the algo daggerhashimoto, or it's on the sidechain blake2s. We have quarry nodes too (which is a discord masternode in a way, which will help the sidechain when the sidechain launches, we all so have a very low transaction fee and is easy to use for sending the coins around as you choose. We also have a deal going with ATM's where you can buy EGEM for BTC, USD and sell it the other way around, we also will add our custom decentralized exchange where you can buy and sell the tokens listed. The business side is the sidechain tech that can be used for your ICO token, Dev token, Mineable token can be added to the other ones too, and so on. You'll be added to our decentralized exchange too, which means ATM service, making it easy to buy with USD. A quick roadmap here : https://egem.io/roadmap.html this is not the final product just quickly thrown together. If anyone have questions or needs more explaining, join the discord listed above ^^
  8. 735,726,365 placed by mathias7799 Wagered: 0.00002048 Payout: 22.50x Profit: 0.00044032
  9. I love a good book, im mostly into sci-fi and murder books and stuff 🙂
  10. I see BTC dying soon (in a few years) But i would expect bitcoin to hit around 14000 dollars again.
  11. Discord masternodes (Quarry nodes) ATM Service (Soon) New sidechain technology never seen before, example: Mineable tokens (which gets listed on our custom DEX and might get added to the ATMs) iOS wallet (waiting on approval) Own desktop wallet (OPAL) New MyEgemWallet (MyEtherWallet) desktop wallet (beta testing) offline generating wallets. Awesome active community. At : https://discord.gg/VwMSg8d
  12. Mathias7799

    Black jack

    Yea i don't see the point of downloading a blackjack game, when this is a gambling site aka fun and entertaining, which downloading an app and doing it without having something to get out of it, and for it to keep being fun.