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  1. I have not found friends on this forum yet. Yes, and not going to. I invited a couple of friends from real life here, we play with them and everything is fine) I also do not really trust random people on the Internet.
  2. Kipje


    Hi friend) I played about half a year ago in a pubg mobile, I played because a friend asked me to play the mobile version. But the truth is that the phone is not very powerful, so I did not play much, and deleted the game. Sometimes I play on my PC, because he pulls the toy adequately)
  3. Personally, I do not drink, from the word at all. Therefore, I do not know how your regime of God is there) But personally, my opinion is that it is better to play with a fresh mind and not drink, even if it's more fun)
  4. Hey. Personally, my opinion about bitcoin is that it will not take off so much, but it will obviously grow after a halving. I laughed a little with the amount of 50 thousand dollars, but still if it costs so much I will remember this day my friend)
  5. Kipje

    Hi guys!

    Hello, dear friend from France) We are all happy to welcome you here on our forum) I hope you find information that interests you and new friends)
  6. Hey. I thought and decided that this is an interesting strategy, I will definitely try this method, which you said. The main thing is, if I raise the balance, it stops on time)
  7. Группа во ВКонтакте это всегда хорошо, особенно для Русского комьюнити стейка) Как всегда показатель уровня)
  8. Этот форум причастен к казино, поэтому ты должен будешь выйграть, чтобы поиметь профит, а не зарабатывать)
  9. Very interesting mode with bombs, I like it. Usually I don’t follow any tactics, I just use my instincts. If it seems to me that it's time to stop, I do so. Of course, this may not be reasonable, but sometimes it turns out to make a very good profit from this. Just trust yourself and maybe you can do it.
  10. Hey. Personally, I usually fail to make a profit. I usually lose all my money. Sometimes, of course, it turns out to make some money, but later on I will lose it. That's it.
  11. Я ещё пока не выигрывал ничего. Так как я пока не учавствую в этом, но чуть позже обязательно разберусь и посмотрю что это и с чем его, так сказать, едят 🤣
  12. If you dont get profit, just stop gambling man, its weel be good.
  13. Kipje

    Bad Luck everyday?

    Yes, man. You're right. I'm so unlucky, I lost too much money, cuz I just have no luck, it's bad(☹️
  14. I like gambling, but I'm so unlucky and it bad for my wallet) But I can play some games, if I dont bet a lot of money)
  15. Ты имеешь ввиду, кто-то из Рускоязычных абузит в english темах? Капец, если так - то это треш, надеюсь он понесёт наказание. Хм, я тоже не особо знаток, но могу предположить. Тут действует ограничение по сообщениям в день, поэтому может кто-то абузит с нескольких аккаунтов, но думаю это запрещено и не нужно к такому прибегать. Если 50 сообщений можно будет писать, это вообще шикарно, можно посидеть подольше в некоторых темах) Красота одним словом)