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  1. Думаю в течение этого года будет то опускатся до 9000 то подниматся до 10000, если конечно не произойдет никакого информационного взрыва) А в начале 2020 взлетит и будет от 12000
  2. 15 September 2019 Two lightweight fighters will meet Donald Cerrone went on the winning streak until he met Tony Ferguson, while he repeatedly showed cool comebacks, I don’t think that the defeat somehow affected him, Gaethje is following the line of two victories, having recovered after defeating Dustin Porje, he carefully worked out two fights, by technical knockout in the first rounds against pretty good lightweight fighters but Cerrone - a real cowboy, he always fights to the end and cuts to the last even if he knows that victory does not shine for him, my opinion is that the battle will last my opinion total rounds 2+ and win Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone
  3. any sport is useful, no matter how one says it, running - accelerates blood through vessels, which helps prevent blood clots, chess develops foresight in thinking, tennis - reaction
  4. I betting 2 years, there were also big pluses, for example, from $ 10 to $ 80 for three bets, but yesterday there was a drain of 70 bucks for one bet and the coefficient was only 1.4) sometimes it turns out to win by 4 sometimes and 1.4 are lost
  5. long distance running, walk on the nature, like going night, billiard, seldom poker - weekend.
  6. I'm play to 21, and roulette, Winrate 20%. Minus 50 dollars on the week