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  1. To sell my stuff so I can gamble, nope I never did. But I did put 0.5 btc hard earned by mining and lost them so...I think that counts.
  2. Mediive

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    Using my extrasense skills, I foresee that I'm the actuall winner! Last post is mine!
  3. Mediive

    📢 Introducing Pay per Post!

    As I see, the amount of satoshi given is different, i did looked at the history of rewards, and yes, it's completely different of each post.So if i get things right, it's not only a reward for the post, but it's also a reward for quality, wich is great motivation. 100k sato is not so much, plus that you are getting tipped, for each meaningfull content you give to the community. Pretty glad that I found Stake, it feels like "One for All and Everyone for One" . We get reward, for rewarding the community with good content. Keep up the good work guys.
  4. PoSwallet coin, best coin to stake at least by my opinion, they are aiming for some decent exchanges, listing their coin. Check it out, i think this is the future of staking.
  5. Mediive

    What is your best investment strategy?

    For the past year, the bitcoin has moved up in price like 12 times. And also many other of the leading currencies had the same fate. I have really strange theory, in wich the value of USD/EUR and such, are value burned to death. As soon, the minable supply of bitcoins ends, the value will rise like morning bon3r. I'm still pissed off, cuz didn't buy bitcoins for all my money, 1 year & couple months ago. Could be a milionare now.. Same will happen with many more currencies. That's only the beggining, in the end, if you don't own any digital asset, currency. You'll be lost.
  6. Mediive

    Quantumhash. The new auroramine?

    Interesting, this site looks also pretty much like Metiizer or something like this. I'm guessing not more than 5-9 months of working. Learned my lesson the hard way. Those mining websites grow like shrooms! Consume with caution, they are way more deadly to your pocket.
  7. Mediive

    mBTC, Bits or BTC?

    Whoa, I use Bits variation. It's alot like real money, it's crazy with so many numbers..But maybe bets can be more accurate in the other 2 variations.
  8. Mediive

    Where did you gamble before stake?

    Started 1 year ago, with Primedice, King dice, Bitkong, and couple of other sites. But since I found Stake, 2 months ago it bacame rly my fav. I see it more siutable for players need, than any other bitcoin casino. Good luck, and have fun playing.