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  1. Remmik

    Cryptopia New Zeland

    this is the first time I hear about cryptopia it was just interesting to know what it is
  2. определенной тактики нет что то выдает короче полный рандом
  3. sport of course it's very cool I advise everyone
  4. Remmik

    Lie to me!

    Fu damn the third most disgusting as it was impossible to notice right away
  5. круто у вас я максимум открывал x200 я на самом деле по настроению играю .
  6. Remmik

    You are banned!

    yes your games are cool some of them I already played
  7. Remmik

    Cryptocurrency Telegram

    I think the new currency will be called telecoin
  8. мне все нравится пока что я новенький не нашел минусов
  9. Yes, mental health is also very important, but I have no problems with it.
  10. I agree, but the law considers the opposite
  11. I played a year ago with my friend then abandoned and that's it
  12. I don’t know, but a porn hub is the best for me