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  1. I didn't receive any PM
  2. Yes it is! Send it to me and if it's worthy to be published we will pay you
  3. For all asking about the date. It will be on Saturday 18th. ;)
  4. it's the Stake school and will include gambling and crypto content. Cheers,
  5. Yes, the school is still looking for content ;)
  6. You just need to send me the articles and we will decide if it's good enough to appear in the school. Cheers
  7. Send me your article by PM
  8. For you and @MainIbem if you have interest in it please send me a PM and I will send you a few topics that we want to have at the moment. The requirements are, of course, unique content, well wrote and in good English. As I said we are looking for good content interesting for our customers and we will choose only the good ones. It's a possibility for the future, but, at the moment, it will be only in English
  9. By now all of you have already checked out our Bitcoin school, and the feedback has been amazing. We want to thank everybody for your support. We intend to increase the article database and would love to open up the opportunity to be a teacher, to community members like you. If you are interested in writing crypto-currency orientated articles for us, please send us your any original content or articles, and if they are chosen for the school, you will be rewarded. The payments depend on the level your article will be chosen for: Beginner: 0.001 BTC Intermediate: 0.0015 BTC Advanced: 0.002 BTC Resources: 0.0018 BTC Send me a PM with your articles!
  10. If it's 21st on GMT time we will be willing to consider. Please post the bet IDs
  11. Brais

    Referral names

    Hi Wilbur We respect the privacy of our players and that's the main reason behind it. Also, we are trying to avoid people paying illegal Rakeback to other players, normally people that is asking for know the name of the players is because they are offering Rakeback for playing under their referrals. Cheers.
  12. Brais

    Marketing creativities

    Please send me an email to brais@stake.com with all you need. Cheers
  13. Did you see the new Halloween avatars?
  14. We have a new game!! We were investigating a new Youtube system for making games. We can now create interactive videos and games on Youtube and this is the first one made in our Serbian office. Basically, Youtube now interacts and read what you're doing with your mouse. In this game you have to put the video with the volume on and follow the red dot with your mouse. Once you get to the end, you'll pass to the next level, and it gets more and more complicated, if you don't do it correctly and fail, GAME OVER Pay attention to the volume because in the most difficult levels you'll also have voice instructions. The player who reaches the highest level will have an honorific prize. Good luck!!