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  1. Cricket: England. F1: Hamilton. EPL: Draw. Supercup: Liverpool.
  2. Ok, free money to the ones that follow my tips 😂: Wimbledon (M): Nadal Wimbledon (F): Osaka Female football world-cup: USA Cricket: India
  3. Is Halloween, it has to be scary!! And what is more scary than hit a wall because you don't see anything??
  4. We have a small present for all Stake and Halloween lovers, a customizable Gary mask!!! Feel free to print your mask and customise it as much as you like. Celebrate early with us and upload photos of you doing so, and we will provide a small reward for sharing the Stake love. Truck or Treat!! Mask archive to print and customise: https://i.imgur.com/cnvkxOQ.png
  5. If it's 21st on GMT time we will be willing to consider. Please post the bet IDs
  6. Hi Wilbur We respect the privacy of our players and that's the main reason behind it. Also, we are trying to avoid people paying illegal Rakeback to other players, normally people that is asking for know the name of the players is because they are offering Rakeback for playing under their referrals. Cheers.
  7. Please send me an email to brais@stake.com with all you need. Cheers
  8. Quite old but Age of Empires is the best of all time
  9. hahahaha thanks guys. Lucky me I still looking for destination for my next vacation so who knows
  10. I'm not Filipino but I would love to visit Philipines one day
  11. Any good pick for this weekend guys? My picks for the weekend are: I will bet on the victories of Levante against Alaves and Getafe against Deportivo. Getafe it's not easy, but the odds are quite good. Good luck!
  12. In Spanish league for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I recommend you to bet on the wins of: Sevilla, Villarreal, Atletico de Madrid, Girona and especially Valencia. All of them has a good EV in my opinion. Thanks me later
  13. https://digiconomist.net/bitcoin-energy-consumption Interesting article about the Bitcoin energy consumption.
  14. Did anybody find a cooler captcha than this one?
  15. Let's see if this weekend I'm luckier. In the Spanish foot league, First division, I reckon that Betis has good odds. Betis vs. Deportivo: Betis at 1.83 All the teams that played in Europa League also have really good odds but, difficult to see if they are going to be tired or not.