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  1. Cricket: England. F1: Hamilton. EPL: Draw. Supercup: Liverpool.
  2. Ok, free money to the ones that follow my tips 😂: Wimbledon (M): Nadal Wimbledon (F): Osaka Female football world-cup: USA Cricket: India
  3. Please send me an email to brais@stake.com with all you need. Cheers
  4. More sizes and games added to the banner repository
  5. We also have now Hilo and Keno banners
  6. In the future yes More banners available already guys
  7. If there is anything else you need let me know
  8. For all the players interested in becoming a Stake affiliate, in the case of needing images, logos, banners or different creativities you can find some on the the following link: https://stake.com/affiliate/campaigns when you click "Download Banners". We will be uploading there all the new creations. If there is anything else that you need do not hesitate to contact me
  9. Hola! Queria dar la bienvenida a todos los hispanoparlantes en Stake.com. A ver si esta comunidad crece más que la de otros idiomas. Por supuesto espero que todos disfrutéis de nuestros juegos. Un saludo a todos!!