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  1. Hello all! GANJA here. I recently discovered an awesome site that you can earn free crypto on. I made sure I was able to withdrawal before coming here, but I was!! And they have a section you can earn a LOT by signing up for free trials (you can cancel after reward!) I would appreciate if you are able to use my referral link, for bringing this to your attention. I will post both my referral link, and a clean link in case you choose not to https://www.earncrypto.com/earn-free-ethereum/?r=269908 https://www.earncrypto.com/ Happy earning! And good luck on stake!
  2. What is everybody thinking IUNGO will hit Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4? How about ECA? Lets have this a price prediction topic, for fun
  3. I think it will crash with all the other shitcoins out there.
  4. A spot to post all other gambling sites you use.
  5. I am sure we have all had some type of experience with Mav, good or bad. Share them here.
  6. Be honest, how many of you guys think Provably Fair is fair, and how many of you think its still rigged?
  7. Oh good catch! I didnt even know that, thank you I will include that
  8. Yes of course. Deposit is not necissary, I just deposited after because I won because I wanted to, they're a 0% trading fee exchange. But as you can tell in the pic my deposit was pending after i claimed my free apple stock. As far as the affiliate system, they just give me another free stock for all referrals so it helps. Everything i have blacked out is for my safety (Im a nut about anonymity) but I hope this works
  9. Hello all. Many may know me from Stake.com. I just got a free $150 stock in apple, with no depo. I just signed up for this new mobile exchange app that supports both cryptocurrency and stocks. That alone caught my eye, so I downloaded it and they are currently having a promotion where they give a free stock away. I didn't even know. But, when i claimed it, it was a stock in Apple. (Valued at $150). I had to wait 5 days to withdraw, but I didn't even have to deposit. I will share my referral link below, with the regular link in case you do not want to use my referral link (Which I ask if you could, for sharing this information) https://share.robinhood.com/camerob746 https://share.robinhood.com EDIT: **Limited to USA**
  10. GANJA

    GANJA here

    Hi all! GANJA here just saying hello, good luck to everybody, and i just love the community here! Who agrees that Stake.com has one of the best communities on the internet?
  11. Eats chicken salad in shower every morning,