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    Different mode suggestion for mines

    So yes, (That's the part I prefer the more) (y) , This is a golden idea! . So about, Do you remember bitcoin kamikaze and Satoshi.Karoshi mines sweeper ?!
  2. So yes, sure! Thank you Vlad for remembering. . Just, anything to do with the thing called ( Law of attraction ) ? In your opinion !?
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    Adding original keno?

    What of adding a second version the Keno, so this one will work like a (classic) Keno. I mean with a SINGLE draw that occur hourly or every 30 min (as is a online version) that much for all the players. Bmp
  4. Do is there a prolongation of the period of the contest ? I see that that is not closed yet
  5. 00 x

    Submit your giveaway ideas!

    So how about a lottery, (ex: choice of 6 number) based on a result's of a choosen lottery, ex: "french lotto" Ah! Okay Thanks
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    Submit your giveaway ideas!

    Good idea ( +1 )
  7. 00 x

    [Closed] How low can Bitcoin go? Giveaway!

    3380$ Exact price on 1st Jan 2019: 3570$ Good luck to all
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    [Closed] Stake Lottery! #2

    Thank you:) And about the ammount ?? (Edit:) Ive ben done it, thank you very much
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    [Closed] Stake Lottery! #2

    Can someone help me with how to opere to send the tip !!!