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  1. Close, everyone is supposed to post here, and their post will have a post # which we will use on Random.org to generate two pairs of random numbers 1 - the # of the last post. By posting here you are agreeing to this sort of gamble, and the person you are matched with will be together until the end of time regardless if you both wanted to be together or not. Just kidding lol. This is funny tho.
  2. omg smh you would be the first to comment here. 😪
  3. Your biggest failure sounds like a wake up call. The police probably saved you. I had a friend, tell me this story about him and his best friend. They were delebrating his best friends birthday and new years, while driving around drunk. If a cop had found them beforehand, it could've spared my friend his own best friends life. Yeah, his best friend died on his own birthday which was on new years. Anyways, my biggest failure in life was allowing myself to waste so much time, instead of spending it doing things that matter most, with those who matter most. instead, everyda
  4. noice. have fun all. username: anonymous666
  5. wow you made this yourself, that's pretty neat. i will give this a try in a while. thank you for this. 🤣
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