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  1. I used to love this site. Of course only when I used to see some sort of wins. Now it's almost guaranteed losses for me. Huhu
  2. I love playing with dogecoin. Great job getting your doge balance up that high.
  3. Either they're sick in their heads or this world has failed to understand what really is going on.
  4. Nearly every week or other week I’ll depo a few ltc or .03 btc or.6 eth I don't win anymore either I lose it all in seconds
  5. DICE: 4,053,052,686 placed by anonymous666 on 28/03/2019 Wagered 0.04000000 Multiplier 2.3023300170898438x Profit 0.05209302
  6. DICE: 4,053,046,407 placed by anonymous666 on 28/03/2019 Wagered 0.00500000 Multiplier 9.899999618530273x Profit 0.04450000
  7. Where the money at yo.
  8. DICE: 4,053,045,536 placed by anonymous666 on 28/03/2019 Wagered 0.02000000 Multiplier 9.899999618530273x Profit 0.17800000
  9. Not at all. Couldn't get ahead of what was already lost
  10. Yes, I too have this issue. With gambling on the phone, period. Like big FML cuz I don't wanna go to work if I'm tryna gamble dang it! Also if I'm asked to do something I'll totally forget to do it because I'll be stuck on my phone playing or chatting damn!
  11. I say screw the reputations lol 💯
  12. Yes it has shribbled up into a small dek now. What do you mean by passives though? Because last night I was passing some tips to my friends, therefore being extra passive.😏 What cha' gonna do!?
  13. The first week it was out it seemed good. But it started to change up on me and seems like I've been hit with longer losses before a win hits 🙄
  14. Lately I haven't withdrawn anywhere. But when I do, I try to take care of things I need to take care of in real life, and get things that I didn't get to get when I chose to spend all my money gambling. But while doing all that, in whatever time I have away from real life I am stuck in an endless loop of redepositing wins to try and see how high I can bring it. So far I've failed. Because of that, It's really hard to have any sort of good quality lifestyle. I need to start saving and playing more responsibly. Silly me can be rich if I had the discipline. Now if only being disciplined seemed more fun than gambling! lol