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  1. imaginary

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #13

    Twitter: @lolrobbbie Stake Username: anonymous666
  2. I am SO going to enjoy everyones replies to this one! One time I was home alone, I turned some faucet claim somewhere up to 0.05ish i think or who knows, but then someone came home and started shit with me while i was trying to concentrate on the bigger bets i was doing, but I was zoning into what the other person was telling me and i instantly forgotten the pattern/style of betting i was just doing that was allowing me to build up, which resulted in 0.0000000 of course. They just completely ruined my chance, because im not the type of person to tune everyones bs out. so I was fucking pissed off and threw the device i had, hard enough to shatter it and leave a hole in the wall. I yelled fuck you and then big arguements happened which resulted in me needing to avoid the cops that night. From that point ive been kicked out, and wasnt allowed to grab anything i had. Was in a fcked up spot and then they had the police come and long dramatic story later, resulted in me going to the mental hospital for a week, where i turned 23 IN i was not allowed to be discharged back to where i was, and so I had contacted some gangsta to let the hospital contact them and ask if i can be released to them and so the hospital calls me a cab, like bitch i have no money dont expect me to pay i was at their house for a few hours ALREADY trying to gamble by borrowing their phone.. i couldnt win anything like this i was irritated i wanted to go home and change out of the clothes i had went in with oh fuck. But im glad i work now cuz back when i did not ever work, i had no other way to get me some money other than through winning and doing other stuff on the side. but years later still doing the same shit. I feel terribly embarrassed to say ill i tried to OD the other day just after i busted, but what i busted was not as much as i usually bust, but the pills were making me trip and feeling sick, i couldnt hold anything in.. all i know is it hurts to be at such a loss in gambling, period. i feel better today, i mean from the failed OD, which is probably the best thing that can happen to get me to another state of consciousness, at the very least. i dont even care that im busted but damn i worked all year basicay for a pair of pants for work and a few chips and drinks and a shit ton of bank fees over 600 from stupid shit. i hate banks fuck banks. but pretty much all the $ went to gambling and this is starting to become off topic now. right now im just planning out how to get things paid and of course my next small ass paychecks gonna have to be put up for gambling. Until my stupid ass comes up with a better way, i am seriously fucked. anony b sew tired of lyfe Kik dont judge me ! :ooo i swear that was not me ! hehe jjkjjj
  3. imaginary

    The fun Stake Support Staff

    does stake support include devs? i know those ones must be busy too. but its not like they are ever in chat anyhow.
  4. imaginary

    Have you made good friends at Stake ?

    Hope this does not bother you! Same here for me. You usually will think you meet friends, but most of the time, they’re only acquaintances. At least this is how it is for me.
  5. Wait, so you actually deposited? Lmao you got jokes bigmann23 i thought you never depo!
  6. imaginary

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #12

    Twitter Username: @lolrobbbie
  7. imaginary

    If you need to wager to win...

    Edward , don’t tease us if it isn’t so!😭 I would be so hooked ... (echoes hooked) @badger I know, but I was talking about for just play in general. I like to be able to freely put the chips between numbers, because of all the different payouts that become possible.
  8. This is a very great goal to set for yourself to follow! I lack this sort of discipline, big time! if you actually do so, it’ll be more likely you’d get to withdraw em!
  9. imaginary

    The future of Stake

    If anything, the lowering price gives users the chance play with more BTC now compared to when BTC spiked. I’m sure people will like this. I am already noticing that people are playing with more LTC lately due to the price drops. To me, that means more possible playtime on stake! 😜
  10. I took like 2057 sats or so from forum balance, turned it into 350000 or so on plinko today, tipped a little out and busted. Lol Just another day here, another win I should’ve withdrawn or put aside in the vault. Man. Always forgetting that vault!
  11. imaginary

    If you need to wager to win...

    Too bad we can’t put chips between numbers here like the one you show in the photo.
  12. The best thing about this is that you never deposit more than you can afford to lose! I think that's the only thing keeping you from falling down the rabbit hole
  13. imaginary

    Children and families in need.

    I like your need to want to do good in this world. Wouldn’t it be neat if on here existed thread where we would all post our donations To good causes and whatnot from our winnings?. Just maybe it’d encourage others into doing the same. I don’t feel that only seeing stake casino donate to causes is enough itself to give gamblers the feel this need to give. I do not know but what I do know is people will do what they wanna do, just as they always do.
  14. imaginary

    Betting BTC as mBtc & BITS

    A little off topic, but I was just remembering when Stake first opened. I remember being excited as I seen that we had the option to view, and bet our Bitcoin balances as the following: —-—BTC—-— 0.00100000 BTC —-—mBTC—-— 1.00000 mBTC —-—BITS—-— 1,000.00 BITS I loved this option so much because seeing my balance as mBTC, or BITS, made it easier for me to understand how much I was betting, and I prefer to see my balance as close to a whole number, as there would be less zeros to remember. What I mean by that is that instead of having to type 0.00001000 (BTC), typing 0.01000 (mBTC) & typing 10 or 10.00 (BITS) was much more simple. When Stake had taken this setting away, it really bothered me, since I was totally in love with it. Has any of you played here betting BTC as mBTC or BITS? I know Edward made an old topic asking which of these that people prefer to bet in, but this was while they had the option to do so. So I just want to know is it just me that enjoyed this, or if any of you guys miss it too? I really wish they could bring this feature back!
  15. From time to time meaning all the time? 😜 I never knew you were into using the forum, that’s pretty neat to see that you are! 📡 Sent from outter space to my fellow friend bmg