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  1. imaginary

    $250 Instagram giveaway!

    Good luck y’all
  2. imaginary

    Ever spammed the high roller tab?

    Ahah that’s right same here too with the smaller bets winning bigger.
  3. imaginary

    Ever spammed the high roller tab?

    Oh is this your key to success ? LOL
  4. imaginary

    Ever spammed the high roller tab?

    Kek how to hope ?
  5. imaginary

    Plinko 5k

    Ahaha I invited @Fatsmcgee to come over to play here on stake with some doge and he hit 5000x on plinky. He won more than what I had won that night. A little less than a Week ago. That was just an awesome day.
  6. Wishing all  players some crazy luck👻

  7. imaginary

    Ever spammed the high roller tab?

    I too am poor. Stakes games are so great that you never know when you’d just be given a lucky streak! Thats why I rain a little when I win onto chat for you guys to maybe catch the luck I caught. Oh yes true, but the sight of all green wins on HR from smaller bets is also impressive enough, don’t you think hehe the doge one I only started with 6k dogecoin
  8. Good luck sees hard to come by sometimes. A winning streak is even harder. I love when I have a bunch of luck and fill the high roller tab with greens. This is very rare of me to accomplish since I hardly get to play. If you end up doing this, screenshot it and share it here! Below low are two of the only times I went from literally nothing to something.. EZ RICH I love stake.com
  9. Love how she didn't say she was kidding though. Girl don't lie, you know you right there with us trying to win our souls back
  10. Not weird to ask. I wish I sold my things to gamble. Instead, I break everything I got when I'm super pissed. Lol. I've sold my bitcointalk forum account to a member on here for 0.01 btc just to play it here though! Does that countz? Also, I don't think selling your stuff to gambles the worst thing to do, because at the end of the day, belongings that can be sold for money are just materials.. that you can buy again.. but gambling here at stake is a must!! *gathers family heirlooms* Going to the pawn shop!!! Who's commimg?!
  11. imaginary

    Real Life Pictures

    Omg Britney spears moment
  12. imaginary

    The win rate is it a devil or angel ?

    Hi Lo is basically DICE under a different look.
  13. imaginary

    A Share Of My Profits 2 [Giveaway]

    Yay thanks for this, however I'm not really trying to win anything. But goood luck to everyone
  14. imaginary

    Real Life Pictures

    better pass tht shit hommie
  15. Will there be an option to double up upon a win? these are the type of jacks or better games i get crazy obsessed playing!!!!