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  1. Bitcoin is a very promising currency. People invest in it in order to sell more expensive in the future.
  2. ooleg

    What Is Bitcoin?

    For me, this is not a promising currency that is not attached to anything
  3. If I watch porn, then I watch pornhub
  4. Yes, mental health is very important. When you lose a lot of money you can enter a depressive state
  5. Telegram is about to release its cryptocurrency. Telegram is already a popular messenger, and with the advent of cryptocurrency it will become even more popular. What do you think about this and will you buy this cryptocurrency? I think that if there are people who want to create their own group, then this is their chance that with the release of cryptocurrency there will be a lot of traffic and people will buy a lot of advertising, the groups will have too much demand and the supply will be less. And as a result, the price of advertising will increase. So this is a chance to create your own telegram group and make money from it.I wish good luck to those who are going to start creating a group😃🤗
  6. I also heard that telegram is going to create its own cryptocurrency
  7. I think Bitcoin could become a world-used currency, and no one will be able to print it in large quantities and depreciate it.😎
  8. ooleg

    Mobile Games

    I love to play the pubg. We usually play with the friends. It's a lot more fun.😀
  9. If I hit the big jackpot, then I stop.😎
  10. ooleg

    Who played what games?

    I played cs go,rust,r6
  11. ooleg


    1050ti i3 8100 12 gb 128 ssd 1t