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  1. Hi friends, I want to know how to use this Affiliate program.? I want to promote to my friend. Plz help!!
  2. Hey Dear, I think you did a good job. I hope and wish you to win at the top this time. Good luck ?
  3. Friends, as being new to this platform and to excited to be part of this member. I want to start promoting this program so teach me how to use this Affiliate Program follow by step by step.??
  4. Firstly, I used get faucet like 1250 satoshi but then after verification I have done to increase my faucet claim now I get only 130 Satoshi everytime I claim now. Why, is this things happen s to you all guys?
  5. Though this is the earliest one to earn among those..?
  6. Cryptor

    5 mines

    So far, how many time you have withdrawal to your Bitcoin address?
  7. Although I never win big, I think I will like this site because of the contents of the games. Love it to play!
  8. Ok, I will try. By the way, how much profit you earned so far?
  9. Cryptor

    I can't play

    . Oh, for the contest right?
  10. Cryptor

    I can't play

    Try play other possible games and win lots and lots to buy new rotatable phone. Wishing you best of luck?
  11. Guys, please give me some guide..
  12. Hey guys, I am new and share me some concepts about this site.
  13. The price of bitcoin continues to climb to new highs, reaching an average of $3,525 across global exchanges today, according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index. All told, the price of bitcoin has now climbed 250% since the start of the year, rising from just under $1,000 on January first to its all-time high today. Year-over-year, the price gains are even more impressive, with bitcoin increasing nearly 600%. The price of bitcoin on August 8, 2016, was roughly $595, according to BPI data. Whether bitcoin will push higher, however, remains to be seen, as the price did encounter some resistance, later declining to $3,458. The day's opening price was $3,431. The price surge also coincides with a new all-time high in the wider cryptocurrency markets, as the value of all publicly traded cryptographic assets rose above $120 billion for the first time, up from $116 billion yesterday. Overall, it appears bitcoin was responsible for much of the upward movement. Data from CoinMarketCap shows the market cap of bitcoin hit $56.8 billion today, up from around $53 billion yesterday. Other cryptocurrencies have been performing well alongside bitcoin, however, with just two of the top-10 cryptocurrencies (Ripple and Neo) showing 24-hour declines at press time.