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  1. I will withdraw 3/4 of the deposit, and with the remaining amount I will try to continue to play.
  2. I think that the cryptocurrency will be the only means of payment of the future. However, most likely no existing cryptocurrency will become such a global payment instrument. They will simply be banned. Existing financial management centers simply will not allow the loss of control over cash flows.
  3. $15-bet... hm... what about withdrawing in real cash?
  4. CryptoWorldNews: withdraw information has been updated "You can withdraw your CWN Token from the Bot now. We hope that we do not get such a big rush for the first time to see how our server and bot is working in a situation like this. " When I click withdraw button: Please send 0.0010989720 ETH to the following address '0x90158a***********************************' to get your 100 Token ha-ha... It's scam) I have something better! https://vk.cc/9VJ8As Telegram bot-cryptominer Owned machines: AutoBit Free only ⚡️ Total Mining Speed: ฿ 0.00000040/min ฿ 0.00057600/day my balance: Balance: ฿ 0.00048280 first day mining!
  5. The price will exceed $15,000 in 2019. Perhabs - mutch more, cuz financial elite start a harvest in 2020. Rising his capital & skim off.