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  1. Yay that's why I'm using Brave personally. No data recolted, no useless ads and I even make money! 👍
  2. Hey guys! I wanted to know your opinions about these two! What do you think? Which one is easier? Which one is the best (to you)? And finally do you have one of these at home, where you bought it and why? Thank you guys!
  3. So to you, crypto currencies era will end if the Bitcoin goes down? Don't you just think there will be another one (other than facebook I mean) who's gonna take the lead? I truely believe that crypto currencies will be a part of the human race until our extinction, now that a large part of us know about crypto currencies I don't really see how we could just go back to "normal" currencies and just dump the idea of a total independent and transparent currency.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm a brand new crypto gambler on stake, and I must admit that DICE really is the best game I like to play on Stake. I was wondering how do you guys play it? I personnaly set it on auto bet for quit a long time : - Payout 1.400 = roll over 29.29 - On loss increase by 250%. It has really worked well for me. the only settings you gotta calculate is ho much bets you can loose in a row before losing all your blance, so you can set the right bet amount (for it you gotta go like : bet amount x 3.5, then this result x 3.5, then this one x 3.5 etc then you just add it all until you get your balance. You now know how many bets you can loose in a row and can set your bet amount if you think you're not gonna lose more than X times ( this is up to you, I personnaly take a margin error of 10 losing bets in a row))
  5. Thanks, I'll try my best haha
  6. People are talking more and more about how high the bitcoin is going to be in a few years, but will it really be? I mean, if everyone is saying why odn't we juste invest a huge amount of money now if we are so sure that the BTC is going to hit the sky in a few years?
  7. Hey! I wanted to know how do you guys do to find out when a new currency comes out? Is there a site / an app that lists all the existed cryptos nowadays? And where can you purchase any crypto currency, like if I wanna invest in a non-famous crypto where can I do that? Thank you guys for your answers!
  8. Hey! I'm a new membre of the crypto-currency community! So I don't really know that much but I find it so interesting that I'm reading all the articles/watching all the videos I can since a week or two. So I was wondering, with everything that I've already read, is it worth it to begin mining (Bitcoin or else) now in late 2019? Or are all the mining spots already taken? And how do you really begin to mine, where do you get started etc.. I'm sorry if I sound a bit newbie but it literally is what I am haha! Thanks for your replies guys!
  9. I don't really know a lot of youtube channel or streamers who are talking/gambling crypto currency, do you have some suggestions of channels I should look up?
  10. tvthecook

    Hi guys!

    Hello everyone! I'm a french guy who just got started in the crypto gambling universe! I've gambled a bit in IRL and online casinos, but crypto gambling and the crypto-currency is something that I'm begining to get really interested in! I hope you guys will help me to get to know more about these things and will be comprehensive with the noob that I am haha. I wish you all a good day/night and good luck gambling 😁