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  1. Plinko Strategy

    As far I knew, there's no strategy for plinko. Even I tried some, but they gone failed. Anyway, let's try yours.. Will share my win/loss after few bet.. Cheers..
  2. [Warning] DeepOnion is a scam

    I didn't make any investment is deepcoin though, but got some free coins in airdrops and etc. So it's time to sell those at any cost..?? @Kargai nice digging man..
  3. Litecoin on fire!

    I've 4LTC left in ma wallet.. Let's pocket some profit after a long time.. LOL..
  4. Bitcoin a 'charging train with no brakes...'

    Of course, it is bubble. There's a natural phenomenon, which is going up, will come down bellow.. Waiting for that time..
  5. Bad night - reds streak

    Bad mate, really bad happened.. Don't blame alcohol man, it's the day.. I've lost 0.017BTC in one day without drinking a drop of alcohol.. By the way, how will you recover it..??
  6. ETN will Beats BTC

    @Grifter buddy, I checked today in coinmarketcap, and what I saw is the market cap is 0(zero) for ETN. Why is that..?? Can you explain..?? I've also got 2.4K free ETN from ICO and all that, and I'm really very positive about the coin. But the data from coinmarketcap is annoying me..
  7. Bitcoin in Wall Street Journal, just a bubble?

    Absolutely my friend. I want to see the reaction of their faces when in next year this time Bitcoin's price will be 4X-7X(assumption only)..
  8. Daily or Weekly quests

    It's indeed a very good idea. I also love to play quests, also it's a fun game. +1 for you.
  9. My huge HiLo win,

    Legend winning that one.. Congratulations..
  10. Hey all Stakers, How's going everything..?? All good..?? First, let me introduce myself, I'm Akash M.(aka Lob M.) from India. I'm an online entrepreneur & Bitcoin enthusiast, who loves to make free money online. I stepped into this Bitcoin field about 10 months ago. Been a member of STAKE for a long time. Recently I understood the earning potential of this forum, so tried hard and collected +3 Reputation badge. Now my 1st priority is to increase my badge with the highest membership level.. Previously I was managing various bounty campaigns in Bitcointalk from my personal e-mail, FB, Twitter and other social media profiles. But it seems it's very tedious to manage all those online works with my personal social media profiles because it's spamming my walls. So, I've created new social media accounts on every platform. As those accounts are new, so they have limited friends, followers. As the result of this, I can't join any bounty campaigns with new accounts. That's why I need lots of friends and followers on all social platforms. Now, about the deal- "Follow me, I'll follow you". Yes, you heard it right. Follow me on Twitter, FB and other platforms, and I'll follow you in returns. Whoever follows me, I'll follow the person for sure.. Just post your social media username with the platform below. example, username- "sandy" platform- "twitter" username-"https://www.facebook.com/sandy.1" platform- "facebook" Very useful method to interact with each-other and get hundreds of followers. Here's my Twitter username- @akkithemoneyman Link- https://twitter.com/akkithemoneyman FB username- Lob Mondal as Akash Link- https://www.facebook.com/lobmondal.asakash.1 Medium username- @akkithemoneyman Link- https://medium.com/@akkithemoneyman I'll update more social media accounts in forthcoming days.. So, let's roll.. Regards, akki785. P.S- didn't find an appropriate section for this thread. So, requesting mods to place this topic in the proper place.
  11. Show me your affiliate earnings

    To me, No refs, no commission.. Simple rule.. LOL..
  12. Refereum (Point)

    Let's try this and collect some free tokens.. Praying for its good future..
  13. bitcoin

    LOL, it's 11K now.. Insane price..
  14. November Fantasy Trader Winner?

    Congrats to the winner..
  15. Hit 9900x with bet 50

    Congratulation mate.. Cheers..