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  1. This one is my favourite- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  2. Lol.. Sorry didn't know.. Mistake corrected..
  3. Interesting chart. Thank you for sharing. Though I don't plat play blackjack that much, but yeah I'll follow this chart when playing next time.. Good luck man..
  4. Thank you @badger for this detailed guide of blackjack.. It helped me a lot to learn the basics. Though I don't play blackjack that much, but it's good to know what is this game about and how to play it.. Good luck girl..
  5. Good explanation.. Clearly understood..
  6. It took me some time to read the whole post, but I must say that was worthy of reading. Will try to test the strategy when playing BJ next time.. Thank you for sharing..
  7. Wow, didn't know this fact. Thank you for the explanation. By the way, as per your theory if we play 100 bets then the chances of losing 100% right..??
  8. If I ever win 0.01BTC(which is not possible unless it's in the dream), I'll withdraw 0.008BTC and I'll try my luck again with the rest 0.002BTC. And with that 0.008BTC, I would try my luck in trading..
  9. From the beginning, I never trusted the project named BITCONNECT . I know somehow, that the project will end like this.. Sorry for losses some peoples made..
  10. Tried and tested, not working on long run.. Busted 6K.. Good luck..
  11. akki785

    5 of a kind

    Congratulation @Nneya dear, for this awesome winning.. I'm not so good fan of Diamond ppoker, but your winning inspired me to play DP for at least some times.. Good luck girl..
  12. Warning .. Next post will be count as spam.