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  1. Glad to hear that @Dan Really an awesome news.. Thanks for the update..
  2. akki785

    Ethereumcashpro Airdrop

    Joined under you..
  3. akki785

    [Airdrop] Free 100 iGift [1iGift =0.20$]

    Joined under you.. Thank you for sharing @UMP
  4. akki785

    Mixed dice strategy- worked for me..

    Good luck to you @ktfor57
  5. Thank you @barbaris You should try that mate, really easy and fun job.. Good luck..
  6. Hey stakers, Unique opportunity. Simply join and get 50 Points. Complete simple tasks and get upto 3000 points. Very easy airdrop.. Join here now- http://vy.tc/ek6rY36 Non-ref code- http://vy.tc/ Feel free to ask anything.. Good luck..
  7. akki785

    Last letter game!!

  8. akki785

    Samsung Enters Cryptocurrency Mining Game

    This is indeed a very good news. As a giant company, samsung decided to help the entire cryptocurrency world by manufacturing mining compatible chips for ASICs. Thank you kargai for the news..
  9. akki785

    📢 Carnival hits Stake!

    Great to know. Very sad I can't take part in any giveaway reason my warning points. Hope you guys(Admins and Mods) consider those warning points.. Good luck all..
  10. akki785

    Made 0.016 from 0.0006 and busted all..

    Thanks all for your kind words and pieces of advice.. Regards,
  11. Forum amount 28K Received at stake- 26.6K Thanks @lupandina
  12. akki785

    Philippines Securities Regulator Orders Halt to ICO

    The news is big. So, will it make any impact on crypto world..??
  13. What can I say, was it a lucky day or the unlucky one. I decided today to try my luck in Hi-Lo. I had like 60K in my account. For some moments I played really some risky shots, which gain me a 1500K profit in one hour. I wish I stop there. But greediness filled my mind. And with a small mistake.. boom.. it's all gone.. Here's that unlucky bet I made-
  14. akki785

    Britain's first Bitcoin Heist :(

    Really a sad news, also very anxious.. As we can see crypto robbery is increasing day by day reason of anonymity of crypto-coins. It is advisable to keep it secret that how much coins you're holding for safety..