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  1. Lol.. Sorry didn't know.. Mistake corrected..
  2. Interesting chart. Thank you for sharing. Though I don't plat play blackjack that much, but yeah I'll follow this chart when playing next time.. Good luck man..
  3. Thank you @badger for this detailed guide of blackjack.. It helped me a lot to learn the basics. Though I don't play blackjack that much, but it's good to know what is this game about and how to play it.. Good luck girl..
  4. Tried and tested, not working on long run.. Busted 6K.. Good luck..
  5. Warning .. Next post will be count as spam.
  6. Increase the bribe amount to 100K and I don't bother to reply ever again.. LOL..
  7. @neoooo my friend, can you please share your youtube campaign details, so that I can advertise on youtube and can get some refs. You can also PM if you don't want to disclose your method publicly.. I'll highly appreciate your help..
  8. Yeah, I agreed. Dash has the potential to be a crypto-giant. And this news will boost the price of the coin.. Cheers..
  9. My strategy for roulette is martingale rule. As it's fits best in roulette. I hope you knows about martingale rule. Good luck..
  10. @Kargai I think you're the top content creator of this forum. Thank you for this valuable and informative post.. I'll remember all the points you mentioned.. Have a great time..
  11. Just finished "Three Point Something", was an awesome novel. Just starting "2 States: The Story of My Marriage", by the same author.
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