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    @Kargai I think you're the top content creator of this forum. Thank you for this valuable and informative post..
    I'll remember all the points you mentioned..
    Have a great time..
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    Lol.. quite an interesting topic:D 
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    I'll make a new topic if you guys don't mind about this thing.
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    Introducing myself @akki785
    I'm just a typical gentleman/adventurer. I pay mortgage regularly, wear a tie that goes with my shirt.
    Monday through Friday, I manage operation for a construction company(as I'm a Civil Engineer by profession).
    When the weekend rolls around, you'll find me with my Royal Enfield crushing the silence of unknown places or checking out a live concert with friends.
    No rush, no criminal record, desperate in bed, house trained, can cook well !!!!!!!
    If you want to laugh… be respected…Enjoy good times… and simply have a good friend…then contact ME !!
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