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  1. I have used jwt from local storage but I get the same result. I don't use 2fa on my account, is there anything I have to add to the header or query @Dan
  2. i'm always getting error "message": "API access restricted", "errorType": "restrictedScope" when i use chat id, how to get chatId for public if i'm not using chat id im getting error "message": "Field \"sendTip\" argument \"chatId\" of type \"String!\" is required, but it was not provided.", help me please for sent tip to other player using API
  3. how about query or mutation send and recive tip from user i'm alwas getting error messange to llok result with api key for tip
  4. and 1 again can help me about mutation or query for recive tip list and send tip to users with api
  5. state { ... on CasinoGameKeno { result } about state keno result like dice and other game, because i'm use result i'm getting message unknow result
  6. how to get result hiting number in keno and whole number that comes out
  7. can you give 1 example about calculate the probability in keno ?
  8. same bro im get lose streak 50+ for pick 10 tiles in keno, what is fair i'm use high risk
  9. Kenobet mutation{ kenoBet(amount: ${taruhan}, currency: ${tipe}, risk: ${kondisi}, numbers: ${target}){ id payout amount payoutMultiplier createdAt user { id name balances { available { currency amount } } } } } can help me for place multiple number in keno, but numbers requitment is Integer, can help me to use multiple number in keno like array. ex placing number 1, 2 ,3 ,4 and 5 in same round