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  1. Awesome roll seriously congrats
  2. Im a convert. I came to this site for just betting and withdrawing as I do on a few other sites but, I have concentrated my betting here because of the VIP Benefits and the support this site has as well as the active group we have in chat etc. So now Im chasing Platinum
  3. Yes house edge is the money the casino can bank on regardless of any winnings by patrons
  4. Yeah personally hi lo and me do not mix. I always lose my tail on it.
  5. Yeah I usually build balance first with the coupon then go after the new game
  6. I do like the idea for sure
  7. That is a great point I never thought about it like that
  8. There is another site I use every once in a while but have primarily switched to stake just because it has a better user interface and support rocks. But on this other site you can chose to make it rain or to do a coin drop. Coin drop basically allows for 20 members in chat to click it and the first 20 or so recieve the coins similar to rain. I think this could benefit Stake as it allows for a even competition among active users a chance to recieve the drop if they click fast enough. What are your thoughts. Below is the site for reference it is a referral link but if you look on the right side of page you can see where the coin drops take place https://i.bc.game/i-gps8xtz-n/
  9. Yeah I did it today lol while playing on mobile my finger was to big for the x2 button
  10. I agree it will have new all time highs but, at the same time I believe it would head close to the 6k mark in the near future as a correction for the last year of growth
  11. I could go either way to be honest. It is nice seeing people recieve the rain or making it rain but the chat spam is kinda bad. And the reason is so they do appear more active and recieve the rain but, honestly to date I do speak in chat a few times a day but have never recieved any rain. I think without a faucet then the rainbot is great just needs some fine tuning to hunt and blacklist spammers
  12. Hey @Steve can you check this topic please
  13. I think I got missed also. Here is my post Can you check this please