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  1. My highest score is 5 , because before fifth i skip 2-high,k-low,and same thing and fifth was 10and i bet high and it was 5.
  2. Oh it is really my topic. You want to know cheap and good country. The best answer is Republic of Georgia in the east Europe. Georgia is a little country with big heart. here is very cheap prices. one of the best wine.the best national foods. happy and awesome people. Black sea beach,mountains,canyons and many many good places. in my opinion it is for you. I love Georgia. It is one of the best country in the World. hello-gamarjoba , georgia - sakartvelo , love you - mikvarxar
  3. Who cares about coffee? It is not good for health. I am not drinking it. maximum numbers how many times i drink it is 10.
  4. We are in Tbilisi. no problemmm
  5. you watch many series and it is too late for end watching ;))))) bad humor.i dont like this.
  6. this film has bad end. You will not like it. when i watch my reaction is : what the hell?
  7. come on.we are waiting to you broooo.
  8. If u want to be healthy irs coll.if u don’t want its bad
  9. Smoking killsSmoking killsSmoking killsSmoking killsSmoking killsSmoking kills. don’t smoke it demage your health!!!
  10. My favorite sport is tennis ,swimming snd football
  11. Ireland or denmark? white albiol place , i think voth country is beautiful.
  12. I am interested in which is best game on stake platform. I live high low but what about dice game?
  13. I am watching house of cards. It is about reality.it is about life. You will learn many things from this movies.
  14. Who don’t want - don’t smoke. All people can smoke illegally. It is bad reality
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