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  1. Me something not bad luck in the last time in this game, so here is decided to to know, as you have there Affairs?)
  2. A good multiplier is one in which you don't lose,but you don't win)
  3. I don't know if I like this 1,but you had it that hard to learn how to put on a certain game,bet,play and for fun decide to bet on the other game,which is just like the picture) And suddenly win?
  4. Was wondering,yesterday was 10200,10030 today,although the difference could be good to
  5. In the real MIA, the banker would win,and so you need to alternate,to go to as well, or to go out when it raised a bit of money
  6. Sometimes faced when I realized that this defeat-I did not care how much to lose,but I somehow came out in not very big minus
  7. Many suicides happen because of casino,but if people stopped,then it will help him in price,because to merge all the casino and lose everything in life -different things,but one way out and it's not a suicide and move on and error analysis
  8. Still better more winners,and will be less offensive and more fun)
  9. Everyone has a different ceiling, someone makes 30% and leaves, and someone needs x2 X3 and so on
  10. Gambling under alcohol is such a tough thing, it's better to play on a sober head
  11. Well, not the most profitable,but it'll do