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  1. chrisconn63, i heard about stake back when it was a baby, from what i can recall it was just a friend from another site told me about it and i came and checked it out!
  2. So stake.com has obviously come a very long way from its birth. the day i discovered stake.com i was amazed at how it looked. but now stake.com has grown so much its crazy, the look is so much different than when it first caught me eye. i feel like a parent watching a child grow up. ive been here so long and yes i miss many thing of the old stake like the faucet size and a few plinko related things but my baby stake has grown out of its school clothes(faucet) and move don to new coins super cool new look. new staff that is very amazing. all in all i love stake still, always have. i do get angry sometimes but ill always be coming back. how do you feel about stake nowadays compared to back then?
  3. im confused, when i tried to claim it said i didnt qualify??
  4. yup. and im sure we will be waiting for a while.
  5. ughhh i wish people would hurry up and reply to him. i hate being an impatient person sometimes.
  6. woohoo goodluck man! cant waiot. hopefully i win 1
  7. why giveaway be such a long time from now till end? regardless sounds awesome! youre super kind dude, always making giveaways and stuff. great community type guy. goodluck!
  8. the red contrasting with the dark backround makes the red pop a little too much. i fear players will have pain in eyes.
  9. haha thats funny af. no i have not and hop[e it stays that way
  10. i got a very very nice present! it was a huge box full of kslaps of reality. this includes bills, more bills, debt debt and some more bills and debt!!
  11. zero valuie will not be for a very very very long time. end of story
  12. i instantly reply with "ill only tell you if you sign up on this site with my reflink!" haha jkjk i simply tell them wtf im doing, gambling on stake, and it usually turns into me explaining what bitcoin is and how fun/rigged/awesome btc gambling online is!
  13. that i can remember a 67x multiplied deposit of 500k.