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  1. So i was going through stuff on my PC and came across this. wow this was a long time ago huh! back in the good old days!!!! @Mirela @Mladen @Darko @Bojana @milan @kat I sure miss them days! So i
  2. I had some weird recurring dreams when I was younger. I'd be walking around and start to jump. In the dreams jumping was faster than walking, frontflips where even faster. After a few frontflips I had enough momentum to get really high up, so I'd start landing and taking off from telephone poles, trees and tall buildings. Then I'd get pretty far into the forest and land in a lake. As I swim for shore, there's a wolf sitting there on land, ready to eat me. So I swim towards the other side of the lake, but the wolf follows me. I swim faster, the wolf swims faster, I swim really fast, the wo
  3. ive had a streak of 16 reds but thats the longest ive ever kept track of. im sure ive had more but for sure 100% 16 is my highest
  4. yes this happens to me very too often and it pisses me off. or ill be playing plinko and it will say i have 0.00001764 left and i try to bet and it tells me i dont have enough. then as i refresh the balance dissapears. this used ot happen long ago and seemed to have been fixed but now its happening again wtf
  5. thanks for this post. very glad to see you care or something near that maverick. will be sure to check that every time i log into stake!
  6. i would definintely not wear the same outfit every siingle day. i dont like very repetitive things and that would count as being one of them. variety is nice and its hard ot express ones self if always wearing the same thing. to me that would just seem to be a boring bland person idk
  7. i got a very very nice present! it was a huge box full of kslaps of reality. this includes bills, more bills, debt debt and some more bills and debt!!
  8. paxful, localbitcoins. you could also buy runescape gold(online mmorpg game) then sell the gold to a site that buys the gold and pays in btc. i did that a lot and it had a pretty great rate of .91
  9. i mean i would say its not very important at all, unless my boredom being cured is considered an important thing, witch it sorta is. but really its not important for anything else at this moment. i only use it to gamble to pass time.and i dont really see it going anywhere else
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