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  1. chrisconn63

    Gambling while being unemployed.

    all i have to say about this is its prob the dumbest shit you can do as a true degen,
  2. chrisconn63

    Have you won a giveaway on Stake's discord?

    ive won a few on the older stake discords but not the recent ones. i honestly said fuck it and gave up. i dont see how some people can win 3 times in 5 hours. kinda pisses me off. and i always wonder how many duplicate alt accounts are joining that shit.
  3. chrisconn63

    Games of choice to build up your balance?

    well when i actually have some patience and play like i should building my balance slowly i like to play a tiny bit of keno and then a good bit of hilo. hilop i think is a great way to build up slowly. i switch seeds very frequently if im not getting good "lucky" hi or low picks. sometimes i play plinko on high but low pin settings on auto to build it up too. also switching seeds very frequently if i dont have a steady gain with a seed i change it. rinse and repeat. otherwise i just go ham on plinko going for x1000 like an idiot and usually failing.
  4. chrisconn63

    Where to buy crypto

    paxful, localbitcoins. you could also buy runescape gold(online mmorpg game) then sell the gold to a site that buys the gold and pays in btc. i did that a lot and it had a pretty great rate of .91
  5. chrisconn63

    If you win 100k dollars...

    id do anything other than deposit to stakes charity box also known as my depo address
  6. chrisconn63

    Gambling to make a payment

    id only do it if it wasnt an important top priority payment. because if i gamble on stake my chances of paying that payment drop to about 5%
  7. chrisconn63

    What have you learned when gambling?

    i learned that sites are greedy as fuck and over time a site becomes a shitty mistake to waste your money at. thanks to stake. thanks for the learning experience stake.
  8. KENO: 1,878,889,157 placed by chrisconn63 on 10/12/2018 Wagered 0.00055997 Multiplier 22x Profit 0.01175937
  9. chrisconn63

    How important is Crypto in your life now?

    i mean i would say its not very important at all, unless my boredom being cured is considered an important thing, witch it sorta is. but really its not important for anything else at this moment. i only use it to gamble to pass time.and i dont really see it going anywhere else
  10. chrisconn63

    Buying cryptos for Deposit.

    havent purchased crypto just for a depo in about 2 months and im sort of proud of myself for it.
  11. chrisconn63

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #13

  12. chrisconn63

    Have you heard of this ?

    never heard of it and proably will never see it go anywhere. companies have tried the same type of thing plenty of times
  13. chrisconn63

    Is Gambling a bottomless pit?

    yes gambling is a waste of time and money. a very dark botomless pit filled with false hopes and dreams
  14. i always manage to make my base bet too high to consider "playing safe" especially after a decent win. i usually screw myself everytime
  15. chrisconn63

    Your real life Slots experiences

    haha wow one hell of a experience. ive had quite a few similar. some i dont even like thinking about honestly haha