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  1. chrisconn63

    5$ Giveaway Monday (Read Steps)

    woohoo goodluck man! cant waiot. hopefully i win 1
  2. chrisconn63

    A Share Of My Profits [Giveaway]

    why giveaway be such a long time from now till end? regardless sounds awesome! youre super kind dude, always making giveaways and stuff. great community type guy. goodluck!
  3. chrisconn63

    🎨 Roulette Redesigned

    the red contrasting with the dark backround makes the red pop a little too much. i fear players will have pain in eyes.
  4. chrisconn63

    Have you ever vomited after losing so much?

    haha thats funny af. no i have not and hop[e it stays that way
  5. chrisconn63

    What did we all get for xmas?

    i got a very very nice present! it was a huge box full of kslaps of reality. this includes bills, more bills, debt debt and some more bills and debt!!
  6. zero valuie will not be for a very very very long time. end of story
  7. i instantly reply with "ill only tell you if you sign up on this site with my reflink!" haha jkjk i simply tell them wtf im doing, gambling on stake, and it usually turns into me explaining what bitcoin is and how fun/rigged/awesome btc gambling online is!
  8. chrisconn63

    What's the most you've multiplied a deposit?

    that i can remember a 67x multiplied deposit of 500k.
  9. chrisconn63

    Join the hunt, or perhaps skip it?

    i am a very lazy stake gambler when it comes to this. honestly i think im stupid for skipping it as much as i do but i feel some challenges i will have spent more trying to hit then the reward gives in the end.
  10. nowadays no i dont. but i did a lot back when the max post thing came into existence. guess i need to be ore active here.
  11. chrisconn63

    How many times you visit the site ?

    i have the site opened probably 90% of the day on my computer. its always in a tab ready to be accessed! i switch to it very frequently! so id say the real question here is how many times do you leave the site for more than 15 mins? lol
  12. chrisconn63

    What do you consider gambling?

    but business investments are actually gambling aswell. you can ask many large corporation bigshots if an investment in this company or this product or whatever is a gamble and i assure you they will tell you yes. in some shape form or fasion.
  13. just talking a ton of shit in every direction possible.
  14. pre rolls are pointless. its all in your head. its all just some type of gamblers fallacy thing. pre rolling does not make sense. if sites worked like that it would be so backwords for them to do therefore a dumb move on their end and they like the money they make.