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  1. Hallo young man welcomd to stakes haha here we friends and support yall ❤❤❤
  2. Ooof man limbo what a game.... I do not understand how i suppose to hit crazy multiplicateur there no way i can predict a bet haha 🍕🍕🤣
  3. I dont know when sports book will come but I hope some good shit will come
  4. wutfacexd

    Goodbye plinKO

    I never got a x1000 on plinko but I never really try it I know some people got some really good wins on plinko
  5. Evrysingle amount can be withdraw just depends on what you would like to get ❤
  6. wutfacexd

    Hi all

    Hallo young man ❤ welcome to stake forum❤
  7. Rainbot got removed for rework of the rain system for a week long i hope its gonna be better
  8. Gambling make me feeling poor.. After each lose im less richer than i am XD But sometimes I feel like real RIch
  9. I never used this feature but you make me do it and nah it didnt work
  10. wutfacexd


    Hello new fella user, welcome to this forum I hope you will enjoy talking this awesome community that stake is. This forum is really helpfull and I think you can help other user. I hope the best of luck 😙❤
  11. The answer is yes i would maybe have the balls for this type of play if someone gave me 1btc or I can afford losing 1 btc but right now that is not the case
  12. Limbo is so much fun and ez to win... depends on how you play de game