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  1. Rainbot got removed for rework of the rain system for a week long i hope its gonna be better
  2. I NEVER withdrew from stake. Not even a dim... stake is really good gambling site where you can chill but i never got something to show for it https://trstp.lt/T4tvkplDb stake: wutfacexd
  3. My first win was with 100$ all in dice x2 ahhaha win the first time but ripped twice after 👌😗❤
  4. Never seen a doge coin so yeah DOGE FOR THE WINN
  5. There is a way to finish the line yes ! Run fast and in one single line dont zigzag will cost you evrything Thanos
  6. Bitcoin price will go up really fast soon i would say numbers are telling so keep an eye on this
  7. DEVICE : GALXMAXY S8+ No trouble on the site... sometimes just the chat keeps like glitching but just refresh or change chat work ") Thx
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