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  1. I have a fear of losing because its inevitable
  2. Gambling make me feeling poor.. After each lose im less richer than i am XD But sometimes I feel like real RIch
  3. I never used this feature but you make me do it and nah it didnt work
  4. wutfacexd


    Hello new fella user, welcome to this forum I hope you will enjoy talking this awesome community that stake is. This forum is really helpfull and I think you can help other user. I hope the best of luck 😙❤
  5. The answer is yes i would maybe have the balls for this type of play if someone gave me 1btc or I can afford losing 1 btc but right now that is not the case
  6. Limbo is so much fun and ez to win... depends on how you play de game
  7. I NEVER withdrew from stake. Not even a dim... stake is really good gambling site where you can chill but i never got something to show for it https://trstp.lt/T4tvkplDb stake: wutfacexd
  8. I know having friends is a good thing and can be really helpfull in life. On stake we are alowed to have 100 friends maximum. I dont really know why because evryone should be friend and i wanna get more than 100 friends. Maybe cap it to 500 Idk but i just wanna add more people is this a good idea let me know👌
  9. I got one x1000 on keno but i didnt try to get one
  10. wutfacexd

    Hi all

    Allo welcome.to stake ma friend 😙❤
  11. wutfacexd

    Numbers 1,2,3,4,5

    1 2 3 4 5 are very hard to hit for me