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  1. hahaha, I don't often come here to play gambling, but I want to learn to speak English well, I play gambling because I only follow my friends, because to eliminate my boredom.
  2. hello iamsheikhadil, I also experienced things like that, I don't know what was on the minds of people like that, and even I was tricked by alts account when I first played on stake, luckily there wasn't much and I was able to report it to the stakeholders. and that's where I never received a new friendship unless I add friend request.
  3. I don't know where you got the idea to make a post like this, seriously it's very funny in my opinion
  4. this is the first time in my life playing gambling only on this site, to eliminate bored time and get to know English better. in my opinion this web is the best, it looks simple and everything is complete.
  5. hello cukup2, i think it depend on time and conditions. if there is free time I will play gambling, if a lot of work I usually will prioritize my work first.
  6. hello htetaungxx, yeah right plinko is one of them, but in my opinion is mines, because mines are very easy to hit, but can't be done repeatedly, if done repeatedly will get lose streak. Hello fossa, English please, if you wanna speaking russian, you can get to room russian forum, Thank you.
  7. hello htetaungxx, I also experienced it, when playing I have insufficient balance, but my balance is still sufficient, but when it is refreshed then the balance disappears, in my opinion it is wrong in the system.
  8. hi ali saher, i think in 2020 all coins will go up all, but It just my prediction.
  9. hi tae, haha it was amazing mate, I was not as good as you when playing mines manually, keep in luck mate. hello weswayahe, hes playing manual, and auto pick diamond, you can try it too.. good luck and be carefull
  10. currently my cellphone Sony -__- ''
  11. hello ali saher, yes, those two games are my favorite games, besides keno and mines I usually play plinko on lines 12 to 9 lines.
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