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  1. i playing: Toram Online Mobile Legends HarvestMoon PUBG Call Of Duty Mobile
  2. 1. Who do you know here at Stake that comes from your country? @korry imanuel (korry131) 2. What new chat room would you like to see? social room or event room 3. What do you think about our chat rules, what can be improved to make chat more pleasant for whole community? maybe about passive begging and racism must be tightened hoho
  3. Hello mate, in my opinion, hunting po large need patience and a high level of lucky, in my opinion playing the manual is the best
  4. Hi mate, I think your idea is very good, and I will try it for that, thanks for the experience.. and good luck mate!
  5. Hi Gene, I know how you feel hahaha, just be patient after being muted, luck usually comes. Amin
  6. hi mate, I'm also new here, I suggest reading the forum rules first, and welcome to the Stake Forum
  7. i think ppl mind set "No Balance No Friend" because when i win ppl will say Hi with me, when you lose No One Cares about you hahah... keep being patient mate! "Good Luck yoo & Keep smile"
  8. hmmm, I never do that, if I like that team usually only watch with my friends or family..
  9. Hi LOOPOO, Today i see you hit Royal Flush on Video Poker thats very amazing, video poker is my Favorite Game but i never hit Royal Flush.... Good Luck & Keep Win LOOPOO
  10. DICE: 10,000,000,096 placed by PeopleHurt on 12/10/2019 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 0x Profit 0.00000000
  11. PeopleHurt

    582x (2000€ win)

    whahahah nice LOOPOO, that's amazing!
  12. i'll waiting for it, Good Luck LOOPOO!
  13. same, i witing to 14 hours to hit it and finally i got insufficient balance :"""""""