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  1. Nope I don't gamble too much and I don't spend too much money on gambling. Just some spare pennies and then tries to make as much as I could with it or tries to make it stay longer for fun of playing.
  2. I'll be happy with even 100x at mines which for me is hard to get. It's easier for me to get high multipliers at other games like dice than mines. Anyway, you guys are lucky getting those wins, congratulations.
  3. That guy is insane. But the good thing is he shares his winnings big time in form of rains. Well I hope he continue winning. I don't play at stake much these days because the chat gets crazy whenever he is around.
  4. evet

    Mines money Strat

    I always end up hunting at mines with those patterns that for me looks good. Like a heart shaped or so, etc. But its not that easy to hunt high multipliers at mines.
  5. Yup I even saw someone betting so small on a multi bet but ended up winning like 5 bch or so.
  6. evet

    Vpn in Stake

    I dont think VPN is not allowed. As there are some people who uses vpn while playing to improve the internet connection.
  7. All the time. Gambling makes me happy as much as it makes me sad when losing. Kind of like a mixed emotions when I'm online at stake or any other gambling sites.
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