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  1. Most high rollers have big bankroll thus they big bet and gain fire, displayed on HR, etc. Some are those who bet small and hunt those high payouts that are qualified to be on high rollers.
  2. I think it will be a long time before it can go back to even at least $10k. This was the huge dump for btc, and with the current situation that the world is in. It's not easy for it to go back to that amount that quickly.
  3. Btc now is stuck around $6,000, it almost came back to $7,000 the other the day but it went down as quick as it went up. Now it's around $6,200 and still dumping. Hope it doesn't go down to $5,000 once again. This month and the next month, I think btc will stil struggle to be in $7,000 and still lots of pumps and dumps between $6,000-$7,000. At least that makes more sense until no one gets rid of the virus.
  4. evet

    Call Of Duty Mobile

    Does it not hard to play in mobile ? I've played COD on pc all the time. Haven't tried the mobile version.
  5. Nah would be fine not to pay tax, we keep paying fees in the transaction though Lol. And anyway, most of us are not in profit over all.
  6. There are lots of reasons to be not on the priority list of rainbot, one would be violating the rules. If you did lots of spam in the past or got muted a lot of times then you'll get kicked in the rainbot's list. Anyway, it's quite unfortunate if you don't get to receive any anymore. Especially those decent amounts.
  7. That's a good question. As for me, I remember most of the posts that I had commented already. For those posts that seems unfamiliar to me, then I check the comments first to see if my name is in there before commenting.
  8. evet

    Plinko during sex

    Haha this is interesting. But to be honest haven't tried doing that. If it makes have more chance in winning then might wanna try it as well. Lol.
  9. It just means you haven't reached the requirements before you can start earning some satoshis. It's not just 30-50 posts , but 30-50 posts with respect to the quality of each post you make. That means some of your post may not count if doesn't meet the criteria of having the decent quality.
  10. evet

    Augmented Reality

    Yeah the 3D thing designs and stuff ? It's really convenient to design in a way that you can look at it in more realistic way other than just rough representations.
  11. Hi. First, I want to welcome you here in forum. To earn some satoshis in here you need to do 30 "posts" first before you can start earning. Post means, posting some discussions yourself or comment from others' posts. Make sure that you observe the quality post policy and not just spam on each comments. Have a good day and good luck.
  12. Hey mate. As you know, stake is a gambling site so you can't expect to win every time. I'm just trying to make things clear first. About the games at stake, you don't have anyone to teach you how to play it since you can try all the games with zero bet and practice. In addition, there is a 24-hours race which is along with a notification that is sent to everyone. If you wan't to participate in that you just need to play and wager for the time given, so that's from start of the race to the end and then you'll have your position finalized after the race. There are also things called VIP ranks, you can see that in the VIP section near the settings.
  13. If for the bonus then this 10 mins reload seems quite interesting. But for VIP, you should either choose between daily or hourly. You can choose hourly if you got time to claim once per hour, but some don't have time for that so they'll go for one claim per day which is quite convenient. But I think hourly would give you better accumulated amount than the daily one.
  14. evet

    Hunting Limbo x100000

    I was wondering if you did hit it quickly or you got many rolls before it. Man that's hard to find, can't find it in my rolls. Anyway, congratulations. Hoping you hit some more like this.
  15. It would be nice to have bitcoin as a national currency, but I don't think removing any of the fiat currency will be a good idea. It's still fine to have lots of options to use as payments or hard cash. Lots of situations are happening, always good to have back up for everything just in case. That goes the same for currencies.