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  1. evet

    4 of a kind

    It would depend on players, ofc there are a lot who would take such risk for satisfaction or if they think it would be the best course of action in a particular bet. However, most will go safer play and just do what they commonly do.
  2. Never have I ever won 800x , I have so little experience in Video Poker since I dont really play that game a lot. As far as I can remember I had chance to win payouts less than 10x only in that game
  3. I definitely agree with this. Since Diamond poker has only 2x as a maximum payout. Then it would be more effective doing high bet amounts in such low payout. For a short period of your session tho
  4. evet

    31 reds in a row

    That's hell of a losing streak at 2x, got like 23 reds or something at that multiplier but that 31 reds ia freaking insane. That would be frustrating if someone got that while using martingale
  5. evet

    Roulette in casino

    I would like to experience roulette in a real casino too. To be honest, as well as other games here at stake. Maybe I'd have more luck in a real casino
  6. evet

    Short Intro

    Greetings man. Stake community is pretty vast as you can see. I hope you have the chance to know the do's and donts here. Have a good day and happy earning at stake.
  7. This is good point actually, but I see this more beneficial to players than the stake itself. Some might abuse this and just invest all their deposits and dont play with them. Oh well, lets see if stake agrees on this one. Good topic btw.
  8. Taking loans just to gamble is the worst idea one could have, especially that you cant expect to win always at gambling. What if you lose? Some takes loan from another just to pay the loan from another party. Kinda of like playing the people you took loans from. Better get some funds from other sites with faucets or free cyptos by watching add. Surely you can afford to lose them cause you got them for free.
  9. I think stake is all fine, i just get bored out of nowhere after busting my coins. That would make us too bored and sleepy. No funds to roll is pretty boring. But overall, stake ia fun
  10. Ofc your bet size would always depend on how much bankroll you have. Like dividing your entire bankroll into 10 or 20 and make it your base bet. Otherwise if you always do like betting half of your balance then you can win big in case of a win but hard to recover if you lose.
  11. That is an impressive payout to be honest, as I experienced when I get 3 scatters which means freen spins; I get payouts like 40x plus only as maximum. I only get high payouts when it comea to having lota of wilds and 4 scatters mainly.
  12. Wow this is the first time I heard something about this. Might as well wanna watch the video/lyrics video if there are any. Would be interesting if they composed the song brilliantly
  13. Yes they do, that is why there are lots of bonuses and freebies to VIP players. Being a VIP means loyalty and trusting stake cause you deposit and play a lot. And stake is well compensating such loyal players.
  14. My keno pattern is really random, like i dont have a signature pattern or something. I just follow my hunch during a keno game. Sometimes I win but I dont get much high of a payout to be honest.
  15. I haven't hit 130x, not even once. I once hit 420x, maybe that was just some good seed. But most of the time I only hit payouts lesser than 10 at plinko